Friday, May 23, 2008

shaken and stirred

Awakened by alert sirens, some were not. Some took precautions, some ignored and returned to sleep. "It's just another warning" will not be spoken anytime soon in this city. "It's a blesssing!" is heard in every conversation.

Walking through the streets people conveyed emotions of thankfulness and joy for no loss of life, or even physical injuries. Wondered in amazement as to the amount of devastation in a matter of seconds. As time progressed, the brevity of the situation loomed. No electricity, no phone landlines, wireless services sporatically limited, and roads block with utility poles, transformers, streetlights, trees, and branches. Instead of panic, a calmness occurred. Neighborhood livened in the midst nature's death all around. Folks who had not been seen in years were re-acquaintenced.

Days passed, power restored, then land phone lines, and finally cable/internet. Some may think the emotional toil would decrease, but the opposite occurred for me. As information was gathered as how this part of the city was torn apart, a queasiness settled in my core. As I ventured through the affected areas this feeling tumbled constantly in the pit of my stomach.
It was not until I had several discussions with co-workers who shared the same feelings that I began to understand. It was torment; not for the homes destroyed, automobiles crushed, buildings bruised, but for the loss of life in nature. Streets once tree-lined are now edged with piles of splintered trunks, stalks, and branches.

We are connected to all living things in our environment. The drastic loss of life of the trees has greatly affected many of us. Unfamiliar skylines disrupt driving routines. On several occasions I second-guessed my whereabouts while driving normal route to work. I know in time mental adjustments will be made to the new landscapes, homes will be repaired, and replacement cars purchased. Unfortunately, generations will have to pass before our streets will be shaded by nature's limbs.
This Libran was shaken and stirred, but my golden scale will be balanced again.

Here are some pics from daybreak that Sunday morning through the continuing cleanup.

Friday, May 16, 2008

i'll be back...

I've been busy with cleanup in the aftermath.

Tornadoes in Central Georgia

We live in Bibb County, between Macon State College and Pio Nono Avenue, just north of Eisenhower Parkway.

Hopefully, I can post next week with pictures.

Sista GP

Sunday, May 11, 2008

a child’s smile

Happy Mother's Day to all of us who do what we can for our children.

a child's smile

alarm sounds, drag out of bed
what is the weather like today
clothes, makeup, hair

the house awakens
off to the kitchen
eggs, bacon, cereal, toast, coffee, juice
cleanup, grab the bags, out the door

the commute: school, work
desk, keyboard, monitor, phone
lunch, salad, water
papers, typing, aching neck, calls
the commute: work, school

homework, dinner, game day
baths, ironing, exercise, shower


smile, pray
tomorrow is just another day

© 2008 Bernice Burks

Friday, May 2, 2008

Safe From Harm

Leaving the office, make eye contact with the security officer
Keys interlaced among fingers
Following path of light to one above the car
Disable alarm, check the back seat
Get in quickly, close and lock door
Engage seat belt of a car with front and side curtian airbags
Exit secured parking
Take long route home, avoiding darkened shortcuts

Motioned-sensored floodlights illuminate entry
No exit until garage door closed
Lock house, set alarm
Embraced in the arms of a loved one
Breathe sigh of relief

Lured to the basement of own home


None can protect us from sadistic minds. Selfish creatures. Sociopaths. Josef Fritzl. Normal trustworthy-looking individuals methodically living a double life.

How can we protect ourselves, our children from an unseen foe?

other than a rifle and 11 acres to hide bodies

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