Thursday, July 24, 2008

the first time...


hmmm...yummy...first melon of the summer

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

sho'down at the OK corral

Why does it have to be so difficult at times to do the job that you were trained to do? You spend years gaining expertise in your field by seeking, understanding, and implementing proper procedures. Your goal is to service your customer in the most efficient manner while preserving simplicity.
Seems doable, practical, just plain easy, but not always. There can be times when a misunderstanding develops into a full-blown sho'down at the O.K. Corral. The Clantons and McLaurys meet the Earps and Doc Holliday all arriving with 6-shooters and rifles fully loaded and ready to defend their design for the town's new hotel annex.
The brawl lasts for days, each side reloading and dispensing their ammunition. No end in sight. For one family, not specifying which, it doesn't matter to have opposing opinions as long as the opinions have the same objective. Their goal is to follow standardized procedures to achieve a successful objective. When the objective is misunderstood, chaos is born.
With no sign of a resolution, a rancher suggests contacting the old sheriff in a nearby by town to mediate. A cease fire is called while he meets with both parties. The town awaits wagering as to the outcome.
The sheriff calls a town meeting for an airing of the issues and his recommendations.
After a long exhaustive venture, the issue resolved. Both families go their separate ways, construction needs to move along.
Seems all is well, except for the town folk. They need a winner and a loser. It was never meant for an 'us vs them' confrontation, but to some it needs to be.

So let it be said, the winner is 'the project' for it continues and the loser is 'time' for the strangers are heading this way and the hotel construction is behind schedule because of the delay.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

can we start over?

I’m sorry TG that it has been so long since we have been together. I do remember the success we had. In the wee hours of early mornings when we came together were the best for of us. It was a time that we could be alone; just you and I developing our own rhythm. In the beginning it was hard for me, but over time, with patience and perseverance, I was able to adjust to the way you moved. Our time together affected me in so many ways. I became a stronger person, I felt better about myself, and definitely I had increased energy.

It was beyond my control that we separated and my absence lasted so long. My new job required that I traveled to Chicago that winter. I should have known that you would have preferred that I had gotten involved with SM or TM while I was away as a reminder of you. We both know that I would not have been satisfied; you had been the best for me.

By abstaining for so long, when I returned things were different. My interest in you had diminished, even though you were still there for me, waiting close for me to return to you. My priorities had changed. I should not have left you alone. Deep down inside, I knew that I still needed you, but could not make myself come back to you.

My life is different now and I desire that we be successful again. I promise to keep you near. I promise not to ignore you. I promise to be with you often. And if I must travel again, I may get involved with StairMaster (SM) or TreadMill (TM) while I am away, but TotalGym (TG), you can never be replaced.

Friday, July 4, 2008

my declaration of independence

Today, July 4, 2008, I declare my independence from the restrictions of my mind.
I no longer concede to the fear of owning a business again. I have been blessed with bountiful resources to guide me along the way.
I no longer consider myself just a writer, I am an exceptional writer; I have the potential to be more as I yearn to learn more.
I no longer concede to the excuses of being a healthier person. I have the ability to control my eating habits and not binge during stressful moments. I have the equipment to development an exercise routine and the determination to follow it.
I will no longer accept limitations placed upon me by society. The opposition of my race, gender, economic status, or faith will not deter me. My eyes have been opened, my ears unplugged, and mouth un-gagged.

I am Sista GP. This is my Independence Day.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

5-3 ain't too bad

Sometimes good things must come to an end. T-Ball season is over. At least we ended the season on the top-side of the rankings.

No more trips to the baseball park three times a week.
No more soil-streaked clothing.
No more trying to keep 11 kids cool in the sweltering heat.

Sadly, no more pep talks.
No more, 'Can you tie my shoes?'
No more, 'Can you fix my hair (girls)?
No more proud smiles as they round the bases.
No more team chants

What was meant to be just an activity for my son to be with other kids, learn to follow rules, and just to have some fun away from the house turned out to be a special time for me.

What started out to just helping out at practice, with snacks and game day drinks, taking lead during practice one day when none of regular coaches were there led to Third Base (alternate) coach, Primary Scorekeeper (when not 3rd base coach).
All I planned to do was to just assist whenever needed since I was there already. I did not feel comfortable dropping my son off at practice with people I barely knew.

For one hour, three days a week, I was a mommy of 11. It was nice being around the kids, especially when they are not coming home with you. A little socializing with the others parents was healthy. Haven't done much since I paused playing Women's Soccer last year. They are still going strong, I may start back soon.

At the end of season banquet, I was surprisingly honored as a team coach. The comments the regular 3rd base coach made was so heartfelt, it made me teary. The kids and other parents cheered on as I retrieved the trophy (pictured).

I had not realized how much I missed those kids until I watched a video a parent made from the photos he took through the season. It is amazing the impact children can have on you in just three months.

Well, next year is C-Ball. Different ball park, though...

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