Tuesday, July 15, 2008

sho'down at the OK corral

Why does it have to be so difficult at times to do the job that you were trained to do? You spend years gaining expertise in your field by seeking, understanding, and implementing proper procedures. Your goal is to service your customer in the most efficient manner while preserving simplicity.
Seems doable, practical, just plain easy, but not always. There can be times when a misunderstanding develops into a full-blown sho'down at the O.K. Corral. The Clantons and McLaurys meet the Earps and Doc Holliday all arriving with 6-shooters and rifles fully loaded and ready to defend their design for the town's new hotel annex.
The brawl lasts for days, each side reloading and dispensing their ammunition. No end in sight. For one family, not specifying which, it doesn't matter to have opposing opinions as long as the opinions have the same objective. Their goal is to follow standardized procedures to achieve a successful objective. When the objective is misunderstood, chaos is born.
With no sign of a resolution, a rancher suggests contacting the old sheriff in a nearby by town to mediate. A cease fire is called while he meets with both parties. The town awaits wagering as to the outcome.
The sheriff calls a town meeting for an airing of the issues and his recommendations.
After a long exhaustive venture, the issue resolved. Both families go their separate ways, construction needs to move along.
Seems all is well, except for the town folk. They need a winner and a loser. It was never meant for an 'us vs them' confrontation, but to some it needs to be.

So let it be said, the winner is 'the project' for it continues and the loser is 'time' for the strangers are heading this way and the hotel construction is behind schedule because of the delay.


  1. Bravo! That was well done!

    We live in a "Us" -vs- "Them" Culture. We never really know who "They" are, but "they" always seem to be pretty powerful since everybody is also referencing them...LOL!

  2. I truly understand your sentiments on this piece! My, my, my... the hateful politics of progression... Somehow it seems to be a necessary evil! :0|


    Papa's got a brand new Bag!


    Come see me!

    Oh yeah, stop in at my original site, there's a complete explanation to why I've been missing in action!

  3. lovebabz
    I just wanted to do my job. why does it have to be so difficult sometimes?

    would prefer if this was not entirely fiction

    this was one necessity i could have done without

  4. Very interesting reading, the ending was unexpected but very insightful.


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