Thursday, July 10, 2008

can we start over?

I’m sorry TG that it has been so long since we have been together. I do remember the success we had. In the wee hours of early mornings when we came together were the best for of us. It was a time that we could be alone; just you and I developing our own rhythm. In the beginning it was hard for me, but over time, with patience and perseverance, I was able to adjust to the way you moved. Our time together affected me in so many ways. I became a stronger person, I felt better about myself, and definitely I had increased energy.

It was beyond my control that we separated and my absence lasted so long. My new job required that I traveled to Chicago that winter. I should have known that you would have preferred that I had gotten involved with SM or TM while I was away as a reminder of you. We both know that I would not have been satisfied; you had been the best for me.

By abstaining for so long, when I returned things were different. My interest in you had diminished, even though you were still there for me, waiting close for me to return to you. My priorities had changed. I should not have left you alone. Deep down inside, I knew that I still needed you, but could not make myself come back to you.

My life is different now and I desire that we be successful again. I promise to keep you near. I promise not to ignore you. I promise to be with you often. And if I must travel again, I may get involved with StairMaster (SM) or TreadMill (TM) while I am away, but TotalGym (TG), you can never be replaced.


  1. now thats good stuff
    break the old hearts of two lovers lol

  2. Charming!

    I LOVED this! I could go on and on and throw in my dvds too!

  3. ooh the commitment and recommittment of staying in shape.

    I'm about to go on the road, armed with work out clothes, tennis shoes and a yoga video..

    I hope to use at least ONE of 'em!!

  4. mama's got moxieJuly 12, 2008 at 11:09 PM

    ha! that was cute. can't really say that i was ever involved with a treadmill, stairmaster or any other exercise equipment...and that's not exactly a good thing! :)


    you go ahead gurl. i'm gonna stick to my eliptical trainer. lol

  6. lol at this...i'm reading and thinking who is she leaving...good one!

  7. Very creative, enjoyed reading it!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Sometimes it's the only way to who's out there.
    Nice to meet you~

  8. torrance
    i hope i do not break any bones

    got plenty of those too

    aunt jackie
    lol, at least there is a goal

    mama's got moxie
    the first step is to admit
    welcome, come again

    tried one a gym, too much coordination
    welcome anytime

    didn't know where this was going until it was done

    glad you enjoyed it
    welcome, come back for more whim-writing

    lisa c
    same to you...i'm trying to venture out more


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