Wednesday, July 2, 2008

5-3 ain't too bad

Sometimes good things must come to an end. T-Ball season is over. At least we ended the season on the top-side of the rankings.

No more trips to the baseball park three times a week.
No more soil-streaked clothing.
No more trying to keep 11 kids cool in the sweltering heat.

Sadly, no more pep talks.
No more, 'Can you tie my shoes?'
No more, 'Can you fix my hair (girls)?
No more proud smiles as they round the bases.
No more team chants

What was meant to be just an activity for my son to be with other kids, learn to follow rules, and just to have some fun away from the house turned out to be a special time for me.

What started out to just helping out at practice, with snacks and game day drinks, taking lead during practice one day when none of regular coaches were there led to Third Base (alternate) coach, Primary Scorekeeper (when not 3rd base coach).
All I planned to do was to just assist whenever needed since I was there already. I did not feel comfortable dropping my son off at practice with people I barely knew.

For one hour, three days a week, I was a mommy of 11. It was nice being around the kids, especially when they are not coming home with you. A little socializing with the others parents was healthy. Haven't done much since I paused playing Women's Soccer last year. They are still going strong, I may start back soon.

At the end of season banquet, I was surprisingly honored as a team coach. The comments the regular 3rd base coach made was so heartfelt, it made me teary. The kids and other parents cheered on as I retrieved the trophy (pictured).

I had not realized how much I missed those kids until I watched a video a parent made from the photos he took through the season. It is amazing the impact children can have on you in just three months.

Well, next year is C-Ball. Different ball park, though...



    It is amazing how children no matter how long you interact with them can change your life. Everyday there are a million kids in my yard. I have 4 kids, so each of them has their own set of friends and they all seem to want to hang out here. I LOVE IT. It is my absolute joy hosting a yard full of kids!

    Yes, next year you will be more than ready...perhaps more so than your son! HOORAY you got a trophy---put it out for all the world to see!

  2. congrats
    thats a small azz trophy though ;lol coach

  3. aww, congrats! the munchkin is a bit too young, but soon i'll sign him up for AYSO soccer & hopefully we will have as good as experience as you had.

  4. Oh, i so remember those days lady...and they were special for me too. I remember when i got drafted as team mom and i didn't know what i was getting i showed up a the first game in my power suit and heels and boy did the coach and the other moms have a good laugh at me in the dugout, full of dirt. But i tell you by the time the season was over...i was TEAM MOM Extraordinaire! I so miss those days, and i will always cherish the friendships i made...and I absolutely loved being TEAM MOM and was TEAM MOM for the next 4 years.

  5. yeah, my son is in t-ball and this year it has been a drag because of all the rain, cancelled games, make-up games. I can't wait till the season is over in AUGUST!

  6. lovebabz: When I was younger, kids came to our house to play mainly because my parents restricted us to the few neighbors they had close relationships with. The ones that held the same parenting views as they did.

    torrance: leave my small trophy alone. It is the thought that counts. This is my second tallest trophy, the tallest one is for Science Club President (sr in high school). Besides my son's trophy is twice as tall. Fine by me for his first one.

    tpw: I see that what you get is based upon your involvement.

    mizrepresent: I do not know if I have the time to be a Team Mom, but a few times, the kids would come to me instead of her. It may be because I participated in practice and the games, or maybe because I probably 10-15 years older than her, who know?

  7. rich: We only had two rescheduled games, there were in the week after the Mother's Day Storm. The fields had some damage (lost a scoreboard and a few dugout covers) and the park is mainly for the West Macon area, one of the worst damaged areas.


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