Saturday, June 28, 2008


Reduced to watching their every move, I spent two days baby-sitting contractors as they correct their screwups. 2nd to the the worst screwup was the incorrect grout in the backsplash. Number 1 was the incorrect wood stain on ALL cabinets, kitchen and bath. Plumbing had to be removed and new correctly stained cabinets installed.
Perched upon my kitchen table, I pondered whether I should feel guilt or sympathy for the young man who was scraping out the existing grout with hand tools.
NOPE! No guilt happened in the 6 hours he worked that day.
It was not my fault the shop owner suggested SAND shaded grout to me and I took his recommendation.
It is not my fault that the contractors put in HOT CHOCOLATE shaded grout.
It was not my fault on two separate repair jobs that the workers continued to use the HOT CHOCOLATE grout.
It was not my fault to insist of receiving what I ordered.

In all I do love the house. Still have a lot of unpacking to do, a few more contractors to deal with. Maybe the next group will actually use belts with their low-riding pants and I won't have to spend my days crack-sitting while they work.


  1. small things like getting what you paid for are not always simple.

    i admire your courage for helping them became better contractors!

  2. OOO You are inspiration! SistaCuz, you know how to stick to your guns! Yes indeed we are sure enough related!

    So are they done? Or is there more Sista GP wrath to come? LOL!

  3. in a few years u will be laughing all this, the stuff that makes a house a home folk

  4. crack sitting -- great description -- I'm sure you'll get it just the way you like. And Aunt Jackie is right, it makes them better contractors. We don't become great by always doing everything right, we become great by learning from our mistakes.

  5. Gurl, it sounds like a wonderful house in the making and as long as you are paying your money, you should get exactly what you want!

  6. Oh on another note...
    I love your reading list to the right of your blog! Shoot, I can come here and catch up on all my favorite blogs!

  7. aunt jackie
    at this rate, they should receive medals from the Home Builders Association next year

    Mom always said I was hard-headed and stubborn.
    The door to my garage was damaged when they removed my washer to level and re-tile the laundry closet.
    Something new to add to the list. My builder is not happy these days.

    IN A FEW YEARS? Will it take that long?

    True, but somebody is PAYING for their mistakes. The tile guys have to drive an hour from their shop to my house. They all pile into one van, but still with fuel prices...

    thanks, and i am working on it

    no problem, stop by anytime

  8. hey...the kitchen is looking NICE tho. as long as they get it RIGHT, it aint your fault they were freestylin.

  9. tpw
    freestylin? hadn't thought about it that way


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