Friday, June 6, 2008

only a man...

I took Lovebabz's advice and focused to locate my Charger plates. Traversing from room to room, visually scanning unloaded boxes, it became obvious they had to be in the one place a woman would never place them. THE GARAGE.

Now there is an abundance of appreciation for all the hardwork, hubby, JM, Cowboy, and Telly performed that day, but when you have been relentlessly searching for an item and you finally locate it in a place where it NEVER should have been, it places a minute damper on the successfulness of the daunting task of the move.

In the pic above, there is a small gap behind-left of the basketball base and the in front of the double-stacked speakers. Upon closer inspection...
Understandably, it was late in the evening and this was box was in the last load removed from the truck. But why in the middle of the garage? The other 6 CHINA/FRAGILE boxes of the same physical dimensions were placed in the kitchen or dining room. Why not this one?

In addition to locating the charger plates,

the collection of china bequeathed to us by my mother-in-law was in the same box. The collection is petite, but it was all she had left, other than her rings she wanted to be given to my step-daughter but somehow "disappeared" following her funeral and after hubby inquired to their location AFTER he saw them on a cousin's hands. (another post someday?)
I digressed.
I am a happier soul. My wedding china collection has been safely unpacked and shelved.

If only I could locate the VCR and the can opener.


  1. See...all you have to do is step back and take break and refocus.

    I am so happy you have found your china. I am a dish freak so I feel you on looking for your china!

    Good JOB! Take pictures as you open and break down boxes! Chart your progress and let us follow you along.

  2. yay for unpacking & finanlly getting settled.

  3. the girl across the wayJune 6, 2008 at 10:34 PM

    Glad you finally got moved. See you soon.

  4. lol! We still have wedding gifts packed away. I have no idea when we will use them. By the way, thanks for adding me to your roll.

  5. @lovebabz: I've had enough of taking pictures (tornado/storm), but I'll make notes along the way.
    The KITCHEN is done. Working on Master Bedroom/Bath/Closet.

    @tpw: almost there...will wait on hubby's return to get up window treatments

    @the girl...: girl it has been to long...the guys have me

    @torrance: lol, it the shoe fits

    @stephen bess: you're welcome. just did it. trying to get this site going again.
    Don't feel too bad, I just unpacked some wedding gifts. I am tired of waiting on that "special" occasion to use them. Everyday is a special occasion, it will never come again.

  6. @eb: lol, the TV in master works well with the exeception the cable connector is faulty. Previously, we had connected the cable line to the VCR and then used AV connectors from the VCR to the TV.
    Now since we have this Dual-DVR Satellite Receiver that requires the TV to be on 60-something or 70-something, we need the VCR's tuner to get a decent reception.
    Before he left, hubby was not too happy he could not watch the game in bed; he has been asking daily if I had found it yet. Maybe he can find it this weekend...
    If not, he is going to want the Plasma NOW.

  7. Very pleased you located it! That's some strange packing going on there.

    That is terrible that family would take something that has been bequethed to your daughter. Very disrespectful and opportunistic!

  8. @nml: I found several items damaged/broken yesterday. Some can be repaired and the others are not a major concern to be thrown out. We are nearing the end of this unpacking endeavor.

    It took me some time to come to the realization that all people do not care for others as I do.


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