Thursday, April 30, 2009

Goal: Afternoon evoked backache

As the one month anniversary since the death of Mr. TV approaches, Hubby and I are making preparations for a new TV in the household. Being that the new one will be located above the fireplace in the family room and the current TV in family room will be moved to the master bedroom, the question arises, 'What to do with current entertainment unit (similar to this)?.

Being the creative design genius that I am (you are supposed to be laughing here), I proposed the idea of eliminating the center section pulling both end pieces together forming a single curio type unit on an opposite side of the room. This removes the unit as the main focal point and allows full usage of storage space for the insane number of CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes that were housed in this monstrosity.
I remove them last evening to lighten the load of the furniture shuffle that is to take place this evening.

One may think that the task of packing media would not cause a backache, but I have yet to mention my previous task of the afternoon, that only a stubborn person who refuses to take on new tasks until prior ones are completed would do prior to the arrival of much needed assistance just because this person feels there are too many outstanding incomplete tasks already existing in the household.

Earlier in the week, this (meaning ME) stubborn person's husband, under supervision, trenched a path away from house foundation where known groundwater expels. The plan was to create a french drain or dry stream to direct the water away from foundation. With expected precipitation later this week, this stubborn person (Me again) decided to spread the landscape lining and fill the creviced clay soil with gravel without assistance since the "other person" felt the walls of the trench should not collapse under rain conditions.

Here are some before and after pics:

What makes this worse is that those heavy entertainment unit section will have to be moved this evening. Delivery in the morning...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Should I Get Married?

I've been working on this post for about a month, not quite getting my thoughts together. As this day approached I felt the timing would be appropriate for this post for the subject matter. Today is mine and Hubby's 11th Wedding Anniversary.

The original post started like this:
This is not a question for me, but for some, it is. There are many situations where this question is being contemplated. A thirties-couple where one knows they love the other, knows that the other would do their best for him/her, but there's still hesitation. A late-twenties couple has been seeing each other sporadically over the years producing a child now almost pre-teen and recently another child, but they've never married. Another couple in early twenties who has had volatile lifestyle years, recently produced a child and now wants to marry to "do the right thing". A teenage couple expecting their second child with barely any means to support themselves, excluding any children.

In all cases, this decision is to not be taken lightly. With the increasing divorce rates in this country, one could wonder WHY? Why should they get married? I am not writing this an an authoritative on the matter, but from experience, mine as hubby and I were a couple for almost two years before we became engaged, the another two years before married. Next month will be our 11th anniversary, and from the relationships of others I know personally.

After today's events, my thoughts have taken a different direction. This morning, the plans for the day were for son to attend his school's gospel concert practice while I spent some time at a salon for a manicure and pedicure. Hubby worked night shift and was participating in deep slumber. For the anniversary celebration, we were to have a family dinner tonight with the three of us. Niece is spending time with other family members.

Amazing how quickly plans changed. As I ATTEMPTED to drive in reverse up my driveway, I felt something wasn't right. I stopped. Looking ahead tire marks scarred the concrete. I pulled ahead back to previous parking spot. It felt like the car was dragging something. Exiting the car, I noticed behind more tire marks. Immediate thoughts of locking wheels. As I rounded the front, there sat a COMPLETELY flattened tire.

At this moment, we were a 30-minute drive away from the church where son had to be in 30 minutes. I ran in the house, woke hubby, asking he had plans for his car. Being the person he is, he sleepily began getting out of bed to address the situation. I quickly transferred our travel stuff and left in his car.

Returning about an hour and a half later, hubby had just completed replacing the flat with the mini-tire and was preparing to go with me to Sears Auto Center. This was surprising since he had only a few hours of sleep.

The day was rearranged. By the time we would arrive to town it would have been soon time to pick up son. To fill the time, hubby suggested we TV shop. So we did (not purchase yet), then picked up son. Now I am not the person to sit in an auto center shop with a kid while waiting on service. I had hubby drop me off at Mom's while they did their "father/son" thing.

Arriving later with TWO fresh new tires, apparently another was needed, I soon left with them for an anniversary lunch instead of dinner. It was too early for the Japanese restaurant (the only one in town that matters), so we opted for steak at Longhorn's Steakhouse.

As I sit here now writing this post, hubby is sleeping, son is playing race car along the back of the sofa, over my shoulders and through my hair, gorgeous sunlight beams through the windows, I reflect upon the blessings of the day.

1. Hubby said there was a nail in the tire. We have no idea when the nail first punctured it, but at the speed of the flat, we suspect it happened on the way home last night well after dark. Son and I had spent the evening with family and friends. Hubby had gone to work on night shift. The last half of my drive home is rural, two-lane and not well lit. There are plenty of unfortunate places we could have been stranded, but we had arrived home safely.

2. After only a few hours of sleep, hubby spent the day making sure my car was right. Ensuring safe travels for son and I.

3. The three of us were able to have a lovely family meal together away from home, a rare treat because of our conflicting schedules.

When people discuss marriage, many times the same issues are discussed, finances, parenting, roles, etc., but there are so many precious moments in life that must be remembered. Sacrifices for those you love "Just Because" you love them. Cherishing every second cause you'll never know how many more you will have together.

To those contemplating marriage, think hard on what you are willing to give, what you are expecting in return, and how well you can adjust to meet the needs of your potential spouse. Marriage is a joining of spirits. There is no losing of one's self, but a blending of two. What you do for your spouse is what you are doing for yourself.

Happy Anniversary, Hubby! Thank you for all you do.
Sista GP

Monday, April 13, 2009

OMG! I was the High School #1 Geek

This post is no way near left field as the last post. It's just informative or even a little humorous.

While attempting to take an evening siesta but constantly being interrupted by underage human beings that have no concern that I was trying to rest, it was the perfect opportunity for my mind to wander. Thoughts drifted to high school, to the classes I had, the groups I participated in, and the "social" events I attended or didn't attend. Then the revelation occurred.

In my graduation year, we had 3400 students in grades 9-12, more students than a local university. Out of all the students, I could not think of anyone with a senior year "resume" geekier than mine.

Note: Geeks are not nerds, geeks have social lives.

Now you may think that I'm exaggerating. How could someone with such a great blog be such a geek? (you are supposed to be smiling now) But seriously, to prove my point I had to dig out my HS yearbook, Memories book and the photo album of ALL my report cards, and certificates since first grade (MOM made it).

Here are the top 20 highlights:

Mermories book:
20. Yearly calendar highlights NOTED: Japanese teachers visit school, my picture in paper the next day, Momma's surprise party, Beta club convention, Computer Science AP Exam, Calculus AP Exam, received first raise $3.45/hour.

19. Fall Sports page: My announcements for the March of Dimes Youth Board.

18. Winter Sports page: Announcements to Honors/club awards banquets and prom (did not attend)

17. Spring Sports page: stuff from Beta Club convention

16. That Special Someone and Those Special Times to Remember page: BLANK, even though I did find some INTERESTING letters that I had forgotten

15. Homecoming page: Medical records from having upper respiratory infection.

14. Senior Prom page: newspaper clipping with me, fellow student, and Japanese Teachers.

13. Favorite places: Mall, Bowling Alley

12. Spring Break page: receipts from Club dues and AP Exams. results from SAT

From Certificate and awards
11. Graduate w/ Honors

10. Presidential Academic Fitness Award Program participant

9. Who's Who Among American High School Students and several National Merit Awards in Mathematics and Science

8. March of Dimes Youth Board - ok, this was a good thing

7. Beta Club - social club for geeks to get out of class/school

6. Math Bowl Team

5. Mu Alpha Theta - Math Club

4. Golden Eagle Award Nominee - Science

Now, even if I did not have any of the previous items listed above, the following certifies the label #1 High School Geek

3. Class schedule: World Religions, English 12 Honors, Physics I Honors, AP Calculus Honors, Speech/Drama/Performance, AP Computer Math Applications. Only needed English 12, the rest were ELECTIVES

2. Science Bowl Team - Captain

1. Science Club - President (11th grade Vice-President)

Doesn't this qualify at least in the running for the title? or were you a geek more that I?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Prostitution should be legalized UPDATED

Prostitution among consenting adults 21+ years of age should not be an illegal act. For me, it’s an immoral act, but how can any government justify any authority on the matter? It’s just payment of services rendered like the kid who cuts my grass or the exterminator that sprays my house. At the end of the job, payment is made.

Prostitution limited to brothels
Prostitution regulated to only being performed in brothels allows registration, licensing, fees like any other service-related business. Since it involves public health, inspections can be mandated. These inspections include the physical property, but also the health of the service providers. Employees must be alcohol, drugs, and STD free. Just as restaurant and school/childcare inspections and ratings are maintained online, the brothel inspections should be made available. Potential clients should be able to research like any other business.

To prohibit underage solicitation, strict hiring practices must be maintained and monitored. Without fear of incarceration, many adults could enter this field of employment negating the need for minors. Employees would receive benefits as tips, healthcare, retirement, vacation, holiday, and sick leave, etc.

Pimps and Madams
Business owners would not have to be concerned with receiving clients’ payments through their employees. Clients would prepay or post-pay for services at the brothel. Accurate records can easily be maintained and make payroll distribution equitable for all employees. Competition would be based upon price and quality of services.

With the growing number of unskilled trade and non-technical people being released from our educational systems, many could gain employment in this field where job training may not be necessary. The increased tax revenue would benefit the governments (local/state/federal) thus reducing their debt. The revenue would be from income taxes, business taxes, and fees. Brothels could provide other amenities to generate revenue, spa, restaurant, visit-limited memberships, and theaters. They could provide an entire “date” experience to incorporate call-girl/gigolo services.

There would be a reduction in the crime rate, since solicitation and payment for it would not be illegal. Hospital and/or Emergency centers would have less indigent patients as healthcare would be provided by employers.

This was just a train of thought, and please don’t ask how it occurred because I don’t remember. My mind just does this sometimes.

So what do you think?

I see that I need to express my point of view so hopefully no one will think that I have COMPLETELY lost it.

Act of sex is a sacred expression of Love, not a means of just physical satisfaction. Prostitution is the contradiction. Our bodies are a gift and to treat it in such a matter of horrible, whether it's voluntary or forced.

This post is a result of my wandering mind wondering how would/could someone justify the legalization of prostitution. I had to separate my personal feelings on this subject to present the points in terms of mainly business and the economy.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rainy days in Georgia

At the time of the Great Flood of 1994, I was living in the ATL. I heard stories of the events from family in the central GA area. The flooding of the Ocmulgee River divided the city in half. My brother lived and thankfully worked on one side of the river and the rest of the family lived/worked on the other side. That summer there was a family reunion in Savannah GA, but couldn't attend because of the overflow onto I-16. I was not aware of anyone I knew who lived in the flood plain, but because of the saturated grounds, over the years the foundation shifted at my parent's house.

With all the rains we had last week, many inquired as if it was going to happen again. Daily, as I crossed that river on the same bridge that was impassable years ago, I would peep over the railing to see how much I could see. What I saw was disturbing. I could remember last summer, seeing the river bed, last week it seemed I could reach over the railing and saturate my fingertips. Flooding stage was marked around 25ft.

As you viewed the pictures above, what type of water feature did you think it was? A river? A lake? If so, your thoughts were incorrect. These pictures were of farmland that I pass on the way home daily. It shocked me when I looked over and saw the massive amounts of water. For a moment I doubted what was before me.
As shown below, the area is FARMLAND. Apparently the nearby creek, somewhere on the other side of the patch of trees could not handle the enormity and speed of the water.

Thankful for rural roads, I was able make a full stop in the road and absorb the amazement of nature.

Please note: the sets of photos were taken about 24 hours apart.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Blogoversary #1 Ask Me Anything

Ok blogosphere, it has been one year since this blog was started. I do not recall having any expectations as to what this blog would be like on this day, but i'm glad it is what it has become. I appreciate all of you that have shared my ramblings along the way.

Now, it's your turn. Your turn to speak to me. Your turn to pick my brain.

Ask me anything and I'll answer as honestly as possible (he, he).

So, what do you want to know of me? Are there any topics you would like me to write about?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Goal: Spring Cleaning

While reading LoveBabz's Spring Cleaning post, I had an inspiration.

For the past few months, I have been "going through" so many boxes that were left to unpack and tended to keep many of the "oh yeah, I remember this" stuff. In the end, much wasn't being discarded and had no place to go.

I just realized that I lived without this stuff for the 5 years it was in storage so it musn't have been too important. If it is not memorabilia, it will be shredded and/or trashed. Next month will be the first anniversary in this house and I refuse to have any boxes around when it arrives.

He died at April Fool's joke

At midnight, it happened. Awakened by a sound like a squirrel rambling through an aluminum bag of nuts at a picnic, I was startled to a sitting position. "Where was that sound coming from? The TV? Why are the Northern Lights in the center of the screen? This can't be good."
Slowly, approaching it's right side, the crackling intensified. It's coming from the back. "Is it the DVD playrer or the VCR stacked on top? No, it's lower." Power off NOW! Investigating the other side, the undeniable scent of a burning electrical component solidified the conclusion. Picture tube was gone.

So now Mr. TV, Rest In Peace. You had a long run since the early 90's. Sorry you had to take your leave today of all days, but chance is like that. But just in case for some reason you've obtained an internal calendar, I'll try you tomorrow.

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