Monday, April 13, 2009

OMG! I was the High School #1 Geek

This post is no way near left field as the last post. It's just informative or even a little humorous.

While attempting to take an evening siesta but constantly being interrupted by underage human beings that have no concern that I was trying to rest, it was the perfect opportunity for my mind to wander. Thoughts drifted to high school, to the classes I had, the groups I participated in, and the "social" events I attended or didn't attend. Then the revelation occurred.

In my graduation year, we had 3400 students in grades 9-12, more students than a local university. Out of all the students, I could not think of anyone with a senior year "resume" geekier than mine.

Note: Geeks are not nerds, geeks have social lives.

Now you may think that I'm exaggerating. How could someone with such a great blog be such a geek? (you are supposed to be smiling now) But seriously, to prove my point I had to dig out my HS yearbook, Memories book and the photo album of ALL my report cards, and certificates since first grade (MOM made it).

Here are the top 20 highlights:

Mermories book:
20. Yearly calendar highlights NOTED: Japanese teachers visit school, my picture in paper the next day, Momma's surprise party, Beta club convention, Computer Science AP Exam, Calculus AP Exam, received first raise $3.45/hour.

19. Fall Sports page: My announcements for the March of Dimes Youth Board.

18. Winter Sports page: Announcements to Honors/club awards banquets and prom (did not attend)

17. Spring Sports page: stuff from Beta Club convention

16. That Special Someone and Those Special Times to Remember page: BLANK, even though I did find some INTERESTING letters that I had forgotten

15. Homecoming page: Medical records from having upper respiratory infection.

14. Senior Prom page: newspaper clipping with me, fellow student, and Japanese Teachers.

13. Favorite places: Mall, Bowling Alley

12. Spring Break page: receipts from Club dues and AP Exams. results from SAT

From Certificate and awards
11. Graduate w/ Honors

10. Presidential Academic Fitness Award Program participant

9. Who's Who Among American High School Students and several National Merit Awards in Mathematics and Science

8. March of Dimes Youth Board - ok, this was a good thing

7. Beta Club - social club for geeks to get out of class/school

6. Math Bowl Team

5. Mu Alpha Theta - Math Club

4. Golden Eagle Award Nominee - Science

Now, even if I did not have any of the previous items listed above, the following certifies the label #1 High School Geek

3. Class schedule: World Religions, English 12 Honors, Physics I Honors, AP Calculus Honors, Speech/Drama/Performance, AP Computer Math Applications. Only needed English 12, the rest were ELECTIVES

2. Science Bowl Team - Captain

1. Science Club - President (11th grade Vice-President)

Doesn't this qualify at least in the running for the title? or were you a geek more that I?


  1. Ah! the things we think on during our down time moments!

  2. You were a bigger geek than I was.

  3. Well a little bit lighter topic today, eh? That last post had some HOT debate goin' on! (smile) - 'sall good, though.

    As far as being a geek? You're just proof that even geeks can grow up to be popular :)

  4. To be a geek or not be a geekFor me, by the time I admitted it to myself, it no longer even mattered.

    Interesting post Sista GP....I would also agree ...lighter topic today....I knew your last post would generate hits.

    That's what I mean about you having a wicked curve ball (baseball geek analogy).


  5. Boy am Im glad I threw out my yearbooks.

  6. Your Geekatude is certified! 8-) And that ain't a bad thang!

  7. Funny thing, i was a geek in retrospect, but i was a geek and very popular. I had the grades, the intelligence, but then again, (suffice it to say...i had my ghetto ways) and so i was accepted by some, but discredited by most. In retrospect, i wished i had nurtured that GEEK side, and not the popular side...i wouldn't have had student loans and probably would have graduated from a more prominent college...and who knows after that.

  8. From one nerd to another - You are alright with me. Hang in there. I also wanted to with you, thank God for parents, who always seem to be there for us when we need them most. Everything gon' be alright. I know it.

  9. Ha ha ha!

    I wasn't a not coping to geek! Popular too :)

    HS Yearbook?...gosh I wouldn't know where to look for it...

  10. msladydeborah: LOL, you don't want to imagine what my dreams are like...glad they fade quickly when I wake.

    Mocha Dad: Thanks...I think?

    Marvin D. Wilson: Yes, a little lighter topic...for now... and me? popular?

    underOvr (aka The U): son took grandma's 'bifocal' glasses to school since kids were calling him a 'nerd'. I told him to say THANKS. kid nerds grow up to make more money to buy fancy cars...he LOVES cars. That was the end of discussion.

    MilesPerHour: LOL, had been packed for was funny looking at my life back then and comparing to now...

    Mista Jaycee: I like that...Geekatude

    Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T: LOL, I try.

    Mizrepresent: Seems you turned out great to me. we will never know what could have been, so make the best from this day forward.

    Revvy Rev: parents are the greatest. even though dad has passed on from this world, he is still with me.

    Lovebabz: Really, are you sure you're not an undercover geek?


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