Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rainy days in Georgia

At the time of the Great Flood of 1994, I was living in the ATL. I heard stories of the events from family in the central GA area. The flooding of the Ocmulgee River divided the city in half. My brother lived and thankfully worked on one side of the river and the rest of the family lived/worked on the other side. That summer there was a family reunion in Savannah GA, but couldn't attend because of the overflow onto I-16. I was not aware of anyone I knew who lived in the flood plain, but because of the saturated grounds, over the years the foundation shifted at my parent's house.

With all the rains we had last week, many inquired as if it was going to happen again. Daily, as I crossed that river on the same bridge that was impassable years ago, I would peep over the railing to see how much I could see. What I saw was disturbing. I could remember last summer, seeing the river bed, last week it seemed I could reach over the railing and saturate my fingertips. Flooding stage was marked around 25ft.

As you viewed the pictures above, what type of water feature did you think it was? A river? A lake? If so, your thoughts were incorrect. These pictures were of farmland that I pass on the way home daily. It shocked me when I looked over and saw the massive amounts of water. For a moment I doubted what was before me.
As shown below, the area is FARMLAND. Apparently the nearby creek, somewhere on the other side of the patch of trees could not handle the enormity and speed of the water.

Thankful for rural roads, I was able make a full stop in the road and absorb the amazement of nature.

Please note: the sets of photos were taken about 24 hours apart.


  1. Wow - those are some powerful pictures. I DID think it was a river.

  2. hmmm...and to think I love water. Thanks for sharing...

    how are you sweets?

  3. Marvin D. Wilson
    It was more powerful in person.

    Doing fine.. trying to catch up on my blog reading.


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