Saturday, April 4, 2009

Blogoversary #1 Ask Me Anything

Ok blogosphere, it has been one year since this blog was started. I do not recall having any expectations as to what this blog would be like on this day, but i'm glad it is what it has become. I appreciate all of you that have shared my ramblings along the way.

Now, it's your turn. Your turn to speak to me. Your turn to pick my brain.

Ask me anything and I'll answer as honestly as possible (he, he).

So, what do you want to know of me? Are there any topics you would like me to write about?




    Well I have no burning questions...if I did I can call you up and ask you!

    I think your blog is lovely. I think you are lovely. I am happy I know you. I feel like we are great friends and I am so looking forward to living nearer to you.

    I appreciate all the "Southern Gurl" lessons...I think I am a Yankee Peach! LOL!

    Again Happy Happy ANNIVERSARY!

  2. Congratulations Sista GP!

    I became a fan last December and I find your honesty and candor quite refreshing. I have much admiration for your commitment; I always glean something when I read your posts (even if that means resetting my thinking to understand a question you've posed).

    The geek in me wants to ask, "What type of DB you support?" but I'll just ask, "What dessert do you enjoy making that your family equally craves?"


  3. OK, so what does the GP in Sista GP stand for?

  4. LoveBabz
    Thank you so much. And yes you can call me anytime you have any burning questions, LOL

    underOvr (aka The U)
    Thanks. I'm thrilled to envoke thinking. The way I understand life has improved since I've visited many blogs.

    Geek Answer: I do more .net coding, but slowly increasing my support of SQL Server 2005.
    Chef Answer: I haven't done much dessert making lately, but best reviews were from the Rich Glazed Chocolate Cake recipe you sent me before Christmas. THANKS.

    The clean version is Georgia Peach.
    The not so clean version? you'll have to ask Hubby. (Hint: I've been a Good girl.) LOL

  5. Congratulations Sista!!!

    Can't believe it's been one year already, it takes strength to keep going :)

    I remember when I first came over. You blogged about your love n hate relationship with your! Do you remember?

    Tacosteven took my ? LOL

  6. Lisa C
    Hey, that was a fun post. Here it is:
    "can we start over"

  7. You know that you are one of my fave faves and I love this blog. Tell us more about your family and church. Stay in the mix and keep on blogging.

    Congrats! So glad that your blogs interesting! (smile)

  9. Revvy Rev
    Family/Church...give me a little time to pull a post together. I want to lay it out right.

    Mista Jaycee
    *smiling* Thank you. I'm actually surprised the number of readers who actually return for my ramblings. I've thought of myself as rather boring.


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