Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Being in the internet applications development field, security stays in mind.  Browsing a site earlier today brought great concern.  Social media sites can offer a plethora of privacy options, but none can protect against misuse of an authorized account.  Let's say a minor post pictures of oneself and friends on their personal site.  This site is accessible by their "friends" of the same age aznd most likely have the same associations (school, church, neighborhood).  Some may think that since their privacy settings are restricted to just "friends" all is well. 

What about the credentials of those friends? How safe are they kept? 
Think about these scenarios...

Scenario A
A "friend" of the minor shares a computer with others, family, friends, or just anyone in the household.  They all use the same computer account and password.  This minor also has their social media site setting to leave them logged on to the computer.  This would be convenient for the minor's friend but also has made the minor's pictures available to strangers.

Scenario B
The minor's friend, or anyone accessible to the account, purposely saves the minors images from the browser and distributes them to strangers.

Scenario C
The minor posts status of current activities denoting location and pattern of events.  A stranger, having the minor's images, could now identify and track the minor based on these status live via mobile access.

In each of the scenarios, the minor may have no idea who is viewing/tracking/stalking them.  It would not matter whether the minor's images were provocative or not, there are many ill people in this world that should not have access to these images and status messages.

Some of these sites have restriction of 13 aged minors, this needs to be increased to no one under 18.
It shouldn't be that hard.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Highest priority
I'll be posting the projects we been doing in the past few's the main reason why I have been anti-social networking lately, basically no blogging, twittering, or facebooking, other than the show, of course.

By the end of each day, I preferred a bed over a'll see why....

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