Sunday, March 22, 2009

have you noticed #4

Have you noticed prices are not relative to size?
Take the pictured items, the 16oz cup of ice had cost 99 cents, the 44oz cup filled with ice AND soda had cost $1.49.
It would have been economical to get another 44oz filled with ice, but it wasn't practical. I needed the 16 oz size to sooth the throbbing pain of my finger, which BTW has almost a brand new nail grown in.

Happy Birthday, Big Bro.

Friday, March 20, 2009

have you noticed #3

Have you noticed that some of the simplest things have become complicated? Take a simple battery operated wall clock. There was a time all you had to do is stick in one AA battery and manually set the clock. For begin and end on DST, you had to make the adjustments.

But now we have clocks that have backs resembling a time bomb, where you have to set the date and time and the months for DST. This information is kept on a lithium battery. When the TWO AA batteries are inserted, the clock (front) automatically speeds from 00:00 to the current time. The clock automatically adjust forward and backwards for DST.

When has it become so cumbersome that we have to use additional "non-green" products just to adjust a clock. Why is it so difficult?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

have you noticed #2

Have you noticed that there is not a variety of ice cream in half-gallon containers anymore? There are many in 1.5 qt and 1.75 qt sizes available for the same price as previous half-gallons.

Instead of increasing the price, they just reduced the size, increasing the price per unit. Great Deal, huh?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

have you noticed? #1

I'm not tripping, this and the next few posts are just pics I've had for awhile specifically for the 'have you noticed' posts but never got around to posting them. Enjoy.

Have you noticed the way we purchase eggs have changed?
Is it me or are Large Eggs not so large anymore? I've gone from buying Large to Jumbo.

Have you noticed that Large at one store is not the same at another?
In these harsh economic times, we have to be cognizant of every detail.

A co-worker purchases his eggs fresh from a farmer, I may just go that route also. Could be a better deal.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Child's Story To God

This story is realistic.
A long time ago people was in slavery. Some people died in slavery.
When Jesus was born, he heard God and he trusted him.
I want to obey God, see God and listen to God. Now God is my leader.
I wish I can squish the DEVIL. I hate the DEVIL. Other people like the DEVIL. Some people like God.
From now on, I am going to trust God and believe God.
He died for us.


Written by Benjamin, son of Sista GP (Age 7)

Pics from last weekend's snow. You'll see the drainage issue that is my spring project.

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