Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Child's Story To God

This story is realistic.
A long time ago people was in slavery. Some people died in slavery.
When Jesus was born, he heard God and he trusted him.
I want to obey God, see God and listen to God. Now God is my leader.
I wish I can squish the DEVIL. I hate the DEVIL. Other people like the DEVIL. Some people like God.
From now on, I am going to trust God and believe God.
He died for us.


Written by Benjamin, son of Sista GP (Age 7)

Pics from last weekend's snow. You'll see the drainage issue that is my spring project.


  1. Lovely story to God. BRAVO!

    Love your little dusting pictures ;) Yes I am making fun of that so-not-SNOW! But OK. You all got a hint of snow. I see a certain little someone LOVED IT! LOL! Do bring that child to CT for a proper introduction to SNOW! He could sled, ski and snow board!

  2. The innocence and honesty of children is wonderful. Their faith is uninhibited.

    Thanks for sharing a great treat.


  3. Lovebabz
    Thanks, I'll tell him.
    And please do not add any more adventures. He's a daredevil, like ME!

    UnderOvr (aka The U)
    You're welcome. I will encourage him to write more.

    Very! I presume slavery was a topic at school during Black History Month.


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