Sunday, March 22, 2009

have you noticed #4

Have you noticed prices are not relative to size?
Take the pictured items, the 16oz cup of ice had cost 99 cents, the 44oz cup filled with ice AND soda had cost $1.49.
It would have been economical to get another 44oz filled with ice, but it wasn't practical. I needed the 16 oz size to sooth the throbbing pain of my finger, which BTW has almost a brand new nail grown in.

Happy Birthday, Big Bro.


  1. I am going to start calling you Ralph Nader...Consumer Advocate!

    So sorry about finger :( ((HUGS))

  2. In Japan, the 16 oz drink would cost about a dollar and a quarter. The 44 oz one would be filled with hot water and used by a family of four as a bath.

  3. Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T
    it was painful and now all the evidence against hubby is gone, lol

    Ha..that's funny...and thanks for the hug.

    tacosteven much did you get to bathe with when you were in Tokyo? LOL


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