Sunday, March 15, 2009

have you noticed? #1

I'm not tripping, this and the next few posts are just pics I've had for awhile specifically for the 'have you noticed' posts but never got around to posting them. Enjoy.

Have you noticed the way we purchase eggs have changed?
Is it me or are Large Eggs not so large anymore? I've gone from buying Large to Jumbo.

Have you noticed that Large at one store is not the same at another?
In these harsh economic times, we have to be cognizant of every detail.

A co-worker purchases his eggs fresh from a farmer, I may just go that route also. Could be a better deal.


  1. I guess I'm not schooled on the finer points of chicken farming. Do they actually raise "Jumbo Chickens to lay Jumbo Eggs and "Large Chickens" to lay Large Eggs? Do the Jumbo Chickens all live on one side of the coop? If a Jumbo Chicken lays a Small Egg what happens?

    I guess you could say I was egged on by this subject.


  2. well everything is minimizing now.....

  3. did the jumbo egss come before the large chicken or did the... I'm confused.

  4. EVERYTHING is being downsized, WOW!

  5. Oddly enough, I was at a cooking class last night taught by 2 of the head chefs for Whole Foods. They were teaching us how to make omelets, and had brought some "large" eggs - of course free range / organic types from WF. They pointed out that their free range eggs are smaller than cheaper "large" size eggs, but that these differences in size are only due to a difference in water content, not in protein and fat. So if you have larger eggs, that's only b/c they have more water. I don't know if this is true, but I thought it was an interesting explanation - and then I see your post today! Food for thought :)

  6. underOvr (aka The U)
    Or what came first "The Jumbo Chicken" or "The Jumbo Egg"

    Including salaries, sad...

    Confused now, what about a near future post on double-yolk

    Revvy Rev
    My shopping practices have dramatically changed

    So how do they get chickens to produce more watered eggs?


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