Wednesday, March 18, 2009

have you noticed #2

Have you noticed that there is not a variety of ice cream in half-gallon containers anymore? There are many in 1.5 qt and 1.75 qt sizes available for the same price as previous half-gallons.

Instead of increasing the price, they just reduced the size, increasing the price per unit. Great Deal, huh?


  1. Good morning Sista GP,

    I don't eat ice cream, but I do remember the popularity of Blue Bell in Austin (Texas). With all the ice cream lovers out there, it sounds like a marketing strategy.

    Kind of has a "Field of Dreams" spin to it, "If you make it, they will buy it".


  2. Hello

    I am new to your world and just wanted to say hello. I linked through Miz's blog. Hey, I do eat ice cream but today I am trying to work my way through some strawberry shortcake. Yep, whip cream and everythang.

  3. LOL!

    No I would not have noticed...I can't eat ice cream!

  4. YES! it pisses me off now that i'm back into ice cream again. my new obsession is Dryers "Take the Cake"'s like eating an ice cream cake! (and it's low fat!!)

  5. underOvr (aka The U)
    Yes and hubby always asks for it.

    Welcome. I haven't posted my usual lately, my real life has kept me busy.
    BTW, I really like strawberry shortcake, espcecially with the whipped topping. Yummy!

    Well with the reaction I had the last time I had a bowl full, it seems I may have to stop eating it.

    the prisoner's wife said...
    Oooh yummy. I may have to go back to sherbert, better internal reactions.


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