Friday, March 20, 2009

have you noticed #3

Have you noticed that some of the simplest things have become complicated? Take a simple battery operated wall clock. There was a time all you had to do is stick in one AA battery and manually set the clock. For begin and end on DST, you had to make the adjustments.

But now we have clocks that have backs resembling a time bomb, where you have to set the date and time and the months for DST. This information is kept on a lithium battery. When the TWO AA batteries are inserted, the clock (front) automatically speeds from 00:00 to the current time. The clock automatically adjust forward and backwards for DST.

When has it become so cumbersome that we have to use additional "non-green" products just to adjust a clock. Why is it so difficult?


  1. lol...naw man, I didnt even notice. thanks for that!

  2. Good morning Sista GP,

    This reminds me of a recent power outage that required me to reset my exterior light switches.

    After downloading the manual and following the instructions for setting DST for each switch, I discovered they wouldn't reset. Since they have a valid digital readout, they don't appear defective.

    I am left to conclude that the instructions do not contain sufficient information for resetting the switch.

    I can replace them. Why would I buy the same switch again?

    I can attempt for the Nth time to reset the switch. (exhales) This is true.

    I can replace them with a manual switch. hmmmmmm

    So many choices; only one decision.


  3. LOL! That is FUNNY! Yes you are observant!

    This is agreat little series you should keep it up :)

  4. Oyin
    You're welcome

    underOvr (aka The U)
    ROFL...thanks, I have now decided to use solar-powered lighting for my garden areas and the lamppost. I will have to show hubby your comments.

    Hubby has inspired me for a few more.


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