Sunday, October 12, 2008

biological nail color

I had planned a lengthly satirical post of the discovery of an alternative to nail polish. Because of my normal activities, I rarely wear anything other than clear. I hate when polish chips so easily on my nails. So a discovery of a long lasting nail color that doesn't chip or flake, has no fumes and no need to spend time at a nail salon would be a monumental discovery that deserves Nobel Prize nomination.

Earlier today, hubby and I were loading railroad ties onto a truck when one slipped and smashed the tip of the middle finger of my left hand. When the nail turned bright red, the thought of the post came to mind. But now, as it is late at night after I continued to load the rest of the ties, drove home, prepared dinner, put everyone to bed, reverted this blog to the previous template, and now write this post, my finger is almost purple, sore, and throbbing. No lengthy post tonight and maybe none for the next few days.

Although it is an interesting concept to generate the color under the nail instead of painting color on top. In this trial, it is tricky to not break any delicate finger bones and not have the "side effect" of throbbing pain.

More trials are necessary, are you interested?


  1. Ah NO! But I am sorry you hurt your finger.

    I am not a nail polisher wearer of any sort. I never could really keep up with constantly painting nails.

  2. i dont know nothing about nails except hammers lol

  3. Ouch! Sorry about your finger! Be careful!
    PS what's a railroad tie?

  4. lovebabz
    it's better now. I can type with it, but not much feeling. I'm concerned that the tip is warmer than the other fingers. one thing about clear polish is that it dries quicker than my colored polish.


    Mista Jaycee
    thanks, too late to be careful, lol
    railroad ties are those HUGE blocks of wood that are underneath railroad tracks for support. Many are used in landcaping for retaining walls because of their durability. we have a raised parking pad that was built with landscape timbers, but the walls in failing and need to be supported.

  5. Ouch! It hurt me to look at the picture. I'll pass on trying to improve nail polish if that is the method.

    I hope your finger heals well and soon!

  6. msladydeborah
    i figured most will pass, but interesting thought. my fingernail is turning almost black underneath, but at least now i can bend my finger without feeling like my nail is being pushed out

  7. kin'shar
    lol, it's feeling better, but getting darker every day

  8. motorcycle fairings
    lol, i couldn't have wished this on anyone

  9. Eyaa.............sorry. But, guess 'tis (the pain) long gone.


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