Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Etiquette for Nov. 5th

I was sent a list for etiquette for Nov. 5th if a particular candidate won the election for President of the United States.

The list was humorous, so I wrote a list for those in case your candidate did not win.

I have posted both lists:
If your candidate wins
1) No crying, hugging or shouting "Thank you, Lord" - at least not in public.
2) No high-fives; at least not unless the area is clear and there are no witnesses.
3) No laughing at the McCain/Palin supporters.
4) No calling in sick on November 5th. They'll get nervous if too many of us don't show up.
5) We're allowed to give each other knowing winks or nods in passing. Just try to keep from grinning too hard.
6) No singing loudly, "We've Come This Far By Faith" (it WILL be acceptable to hum softly).
7) No bringing barbeque ribs or fried chicken for lunch in the company lunchroom for at least a week (no chitterlings AT ALL! This may make us seem too ethnic.)
8) No leaving Kool-aid packages at the water fountain.
9) No Cupid Shuffle during breaks (this could indicate a little too much excitement.)
10) Please no Moving On Up music (we are going to try to remain humble.)* *
11) And number 12. No reciting The Color Purple…”all my life, I had to fight”……

If your candidate did not win
1) No rioting, don't beat up anybody (Roots, 1977)
2) Don't claim foulplay, if you haven't done your own research
3) Don't rely on "Joe's website" for all your information
4) Don't rely on just CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, etc. to supply your knowledge of what's happening in the world
5) Can't watch C-SPAN live? watch recorded sessions online
6) Got XM? listen to C-SPAN Radio
7) Got internet? a boatload of informational resources available
8) Be aware, video clips do not tell the entire story
9) Create your own opinion; don't let others make it for you
10) Continue to be active and watchful of politics in all levels of government


  1. What you mean to tell me that I cant do what...not laugh, or say thank you lord in public..sheeeeeeeeiiiiiitttt, whatever man...I gonna shout glorious praise like im in church.

  2. Kin'shar
    please remember your faith if obiden doesn't win

    Torrance Stephens
    we loves us some kool-aid. go through a gallon every two days


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