Saturday, October 25, 2008 about prohibition

For years I have had issues with many Pro-life/Pro-Choice demonstrations. Floating signs, chants, marches, and even violence. Why not deal with the cause of the pregnancies in question?

resulting from assault:
How about free anonymous counseling for individuals to deal with the desires/urges of physical abuse? There should be a focus on rehabilitation rather than increased incarceration of offenders. What solution does just time give?
Eliminate the assault, eliminates the result.

resulting from underage ignorance:
Parents, I mean real ones, even though you may think that your teen, or even, pre-teen child is not old enough to know how babies are made really made, wake up!!! Talk to them. They may know more than you think. It is better for you to tell them rather than letting them learn from experimentation.
Teach your child that actions have consequences. Let your child know that what he/she does can have an affect on the rest of their lives.
Also parents, remember actions speak louder than words. If your child knows you are running through many men/women/both, they will think it is ok for them to do the same. How can you tell them different. You are their most influential teacher.

resulting from adult stupidity:
Now there is only one form of contraceptive that is 100%. For all others, there is a chance of failure. If you are not willing or capable of dealing with a pregnancy, mentally, physically, financially, or socially, don't do the deed.
If a contraceptive labeling states 99.99% prevention, that only means that if used according to their testing, it should work, but if it does fail, the manufacturer can't be blamed.

Condoms burst, pills reduced effectiveness by antibiotics, depo shots 3% failure first year, lost IUD (yeah that's me, but no pregnancy Thank God)...things happen
If a method fails for you, why continue to use it? I've known several women who have multiple conceptions while on the shot. Why continue to rely on it? Why not use a backup method?

I am not claiming to be perfect. I just feel more thought, research, and action need to be taken for all of us.

What are your thoughts?


  1. yep many parents really believe their child is not sexually active or doesn't even know what sex is

    i hope i never get to the point that i forget what i was doing when i was a teenager, it gets even worse as time goes by

    giving head was "nasty" when i was younger now they do it freely in middle school, times change and just because u havent mentioned it doesnt mean they havent heard about it elsewhere

    kids want to fit in and they will do it if they think everyone else is too, so the best thing is just to be straight up with them and stop being scared to approach the issues

  2. wow it is so funny that I came to your page first thing this morning.....after I got the text message. Yea, my son got a 17 year old girl pregnant. Whats a grandma to do????

    Wow, am I really that old :(..

  3. i know my son is we talk about it
    me love head
    but i saw birth control and how it was used in africa by white ngos - foul

    and dont prohibit - liquor pls

  4. What's up girl? Yep, you all can be prevented!

  5. Sunshyne
    I remember what I didn't do as a teenager and want to encourage my niece to not fall into peer pressure. she just started middle school this year.

    I almost became a step-grandma at 37, 38, and at 39, loooonnnnggggg story
    you do the best you can...

    Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T
    we'll keep the vino and tequila

    yes, but for some, these are just empty words

  6. Great Suggestions! Pro-Choice or Anti Abortion it reallyh makes no difference. If Abortion were outlawed tommorow America still has not built an infrastructure to take care of its people. It will have to do that no matter what. Viable jobs, Education, health care and real ownership. People have to be able to see a stake in this world.

  7. oh just had to come back to tell you that it was a false alarm....whew

  8. Mista Jaycee
    just by human nature, don't think we will ever be satisfied enough claim a stake, we are never satisfied

    are you sure? i've heard that was "better" than telling the truth ==> "it was taken care of"

  9. french home decor
    apparently easier said than done, see tomorrow's post


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