Thursday, October 2, 2008

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY: fit at year goal

From Blog Pics
Every year for the past few years on my birthday I reflect on my accomplishments and seek new goals.

At 37, I started playing soccer (adult women); it was the first time ever playing any sport.

At 38, I completed the first full draft of a romance novel, my first serious writing effort.

Now at 39, my focus is on health; one of my declarations. For several years I have struggled with my weight and have tried several different "plans". I've come to understand that dieting (controlled eating plan) alone is not enough. I need to commit to a regular exercise routine. I must receive adequate rest and maintain a stable stress level.

Even though I started working towards this goal weeks ago, today is the official kickoff. The first day towards a priority goal to be a healthier me.

One year from today, hopefully sooner, I plan to post a picture of the NEW me wearing the dress pictured above. The dress is around here somewhere. The photo was the second and last time I ever worn that dress.

I know that picture was taken prior to pregnancy, prior to marriage, months before meeting hubby, but I made it half-way there before (1999) so there is no doubt that I can be...

...FIT AT 40...SEE YOU THEN! more like YOU SEE ME THEN!


  1. You look now as you do then, beautiful and elegant.

    Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!

  2. wow, I admire you..... I am looking forward to mark my 40th birthday....

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL ___!!__!!!__!

  3. the girl across the wayOctober 2, 2008 at 9:09 PM


  4. Happy Birthday!! Soccer at 37?? That's pretty brave of you! Congratulations on finishing your first draft. That's no easy task.

    Wish you much success at your goal!

  5. Thanks All YAWL.

    It has been wonderful the past few days. Sharing this time with family and friends, including my blog family.

    This is the first time I have put forth this much effort for my birthday. MUCH, MUCH, FUN.

  6. Happy belated birthday girl, my fellow Libran! You look great!

  7. i'm late...but...


    (i sware i owe you your manuscript back LOL. maybe i'm holding onto it in the hopes we can get to work soon lol)...but i will be mailing it...SOON!

    once again. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


    In April,

    Come he will,

    In May,

    Sing all day,

    In June,

    Change his tune,

    In July,

    Prepare to fly,

    In August,

    Go he must!
    ~by maple story accounts

  9. mizrepresent
    thanks, but would like to be more fit

    the prisoner's wife
    i haven't given up on the manuscript, so you don't either
    life now is just in the way


    eb the celeb
    y thank u, sis

  10. Greetings: Thanks for your invite from Twitter. Congrats on your upcoming b-day. Soccer sounds like fun, do you still play and what happened to that romance novel?

  11. Happy Birthday to you!

    I am glad to see that grown women are realizing that we have a whole lot of living to do at 40, 50, 60 and beyond.

    The photo is beautiful my sistah!

    May God bless you to achieve all your goals this year!

  12. leah mullen
    thanks. soccer was really fun but I had to stop to help son with school work. The next step is to work with an editor on my manuscript, just have to get funds in order first.

    thank you. it's amazing that I just turned 39 and some of my closest friends are quite active and over 50. Age is only in the mind.


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