Tuesday, October 14, 2008

things happen for a reason

We may not understand why events occur when they do. So many of them shape our lives in preparation for what we must one day face and conquer. We must accept them as blessings to a more divine end.

For two years non-continuously starting the summer 2006, we searched for a new home. We dealt with non-responsive realtors, over-priced resale homes, non-spacious new construction homes, and many homes in fair to poor conditions. Twice invested in home inspections. I say invested because critical problems were found in each.

When son started kindergarten his behavior problems occupied much of my time, the home search time was drastically reduced. A year later we started to actively search again when a home was offered for sale on the same street as my mom. This sparked out interest again. Eventually we found a new realtor who worked with us until the end.

We never suspected to live so far from town (job, school); we sought a location where hubby could park the tractor part of his truck (over the road driver). We found a lot in a great neighborhood close to what is known to be best elementary school in county. Two months after moving in, hubby was offered an opportunity to make shuttle runs and to be home daily instead of bi-weekends. He took it.

Now, as of last Friday, unfortunate circumstances has led my niece to be living with us until at least to the end of the school year. It is a true blessing that we are able to provide her a stable, productive environment where she can make achievements in academics, physical and emotional health, and personal well-being.

We soared over a major hurdle already, fractions. She started with a frown and "I hate fractions!" to a glowing grin when she finally understood. She is as proud of herself as I am of her.

There is not much concern for the kids behavior towards each other. Since both have had limited interactions with their half-siblings, they have always treated each other as such.

It is amazing to me how the daily occupants of this household has doubled in just three months time. Adjustments will need to be made from all of us, we are willing to give this honest try.

Not sure how much time I will have for blogging, but I suspect writing, which is new to me, will be my vice for peace of mind.

So the saying is true, "Things Do Happen For A Reason"


  1. Things do happen, as you said,"for a reason." We do not often, in fact rarely do we see the reason until it is revealed to us (if ever in this lifetime) well after our worrying, fretting, arguing, and stressing over what we do not understand.

    It's called life. The human condition.

    Good post. Thanks for the request to stop over here. I'll be back. (smile)

    Marvin blogs at Free Spirit: Http://inspiritandtruths.blogspot.com/
    Eye Twitter 2 - http://twitter.com/Paize_Fiddler.com

  2. Life becomes ever more complicated over time, but also ever more rewarding. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt account of the recent changes in your life.

  3. the girl across the wayOctober 15, 2008 at 1:32 AM

    "Things happen for a reason"

    You know I believe that!! :-)

  4. Thanks for your positivity and honesty. Finding the joy in the small triumphs is a beautiful thing. I enjoyed it and appreciate you asking me to read.

    ~Dana Hileman

  5. 'things happen for a reason'--always.

    the reason may not always be crystal clear. it may take a while to be fully revealed. but i do believe that all the twists and turns and unexpected stops and starts are all a part of our ever-changing path.

    lovenlight. n*

  6. You know I am a gilr for believing in divine providence. Each encounter, each meeting, each awareness fo another person is God's way of putting what you need in front of you.

    Your neice needs the lvoe and care of a Grown Woman who is committed to her well-being...not just raising her, but filling in the gaps and directing and guiding.

    You need a daughter. YOUR husband gets to do for her what was not done for him, parent with love and committment.

    This is a beautiful thing!

  7. That's what wisdom is all about. You live long enough to realize that if you keep on going things will work out. A lot of the burdens in life are actually blessings when you start to realize how much fuller new people, new experiences, and reorganizing priorities can be to your life.

  8. Marvin D. Wilson
    i've been trying not to stress over things. just deal with it and move on

    Black on Campus
    you're welcome. adjustments are being made all the time.
    come back and share your thoughts anytime

    the girl across the way

    Dana Hileman
    I'm a "glass is always full" kind a person. you may see it half-empty or half-full, i can imagine filling the empty space.
    thanks for visiting

    absolutely...don't know where this all leads, but willing to follow

    thanks...i find more each day of things that have been missing from her life. I will have to keep a person journal of all tasks we will need to accomplish so that she can become a productive woman.
    there are too many to try to keep in my head.
    i am trying to not directly put any blame on her previous primary caregiver in front of her, but it is diffucult.

    exactly and i have a lot of organizing to do around here

  9. u know thats a book in the workd re your neice

  10. This just reminds me how God continues to move our lives into paths of success that we never even imagined.

    Your house is crowded, with love.

  11. torrance stephens
    can't write about it; might tell how i truly feel about her previous caregiver

    r. fitzgerald
    Yes, these four bedroom have come in handy

  12. motorcycle fairings
    i hope all of this is right. there have been so many changes in my life this year, it hard to figure out what's next


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