Thursday, October 30, 2008

science project ideas

I need your help. It's science project time. I need ideas for a 6th grade student project. I want to avoid the suggested sites since most other students will be searching them for ideas. It is recommended that students topic the project in earth science.

Last year, we (niece and I) worked a project on acids, bases, neutrals. She was graded a high A, of course with her techy aunt.

So blog fam, please submit some suggestions, she has to submit her project proposal on Monday.

Sista GP


  1. heyyyy, im first...and I would like to say that you could always visit and/or google up some projects....see I cheat on project. I let the kids keep them and the rotate between each My 5th grader's last year project will be my 2nd grader's project this year...LMAO!

    But to let you know what we have done is....
    (which freezes faster)
    (Which melts/evaporates faster)
    ...and i found this

  2. I really enjoyed the Big Bang v Oscillating Universe Theora which both leave basic chemistry and advanced cosmology open to any people of faith in God or Allah, love of Jesus, respect for JHVH and those of an agnostic or atheist bent.

    Great textbook is 'THE FIRST THREE MINUTES' I think by Jastrow.

  3. well, when i was in 7th grade (maybe 6th) i did a project that examined how types of music effect plant growth. i picked the same type of plant, about the same size (it would take too long to grow them), and i played different types music for them. i hypothesized that the plant that was played Classical music would grow the best, but it didn't.

  4. I did a project with my daughter Briana and Her partner Marissa on Trash.

    What does throw away mean? and where does thrown away things go? For a month they inventoried the weekely garbage. They sorted, weighed and photgraphed their findings. They designed a graph showing trash amount...was trash heaviest if you had a a large family, or single, did holidays make a difference. Were folks recycling. It was great for them to walk their neighborhood and ask neighbors to see their garbage. They interviewed someone from public works/refuse collection to get info on how much trash is collected in the City. Then they calculated what percentage our trash added to the larger collection.

    I loved it! They got high honors!

  5. Kin'shar
    LOL...without asking. told niece that she will NOT be using the project from last year even though she is in a different school now (middle). that would make it too easy.

    Kelso's Nuts
    Uuuhh! that may be too much for her to handle...not sure if I can handle, but I'll start researching, maybe we can use it in the future

    Torrance Stephens
    is that all it takes to make your day? you're low maintenance, lol

    the prisoner's wife
    i guess classical is supposed to help kids not plants

    WOW, but then again, so is their MOM. Fantastic, but don't know neighbors well enough and I have a hard time now getting the trash out of the house. hate to wait around to get it weighed, lol

  6. Thanks all for the suggestions. Niece wants to do something with plants. Her project will be comparing brand name plant food vs. store brand plant food. Which grows larger plants? Had to keep it simple.

    Being a gardener, I would like to know myself. Are the commercials true?

  7. i used to make science project but it always fails haha

  8. french home decor
    it's the pursuit that counts


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