Sunday, September 28, 2008

i'm no Michelle or Coretta

I maintain full-time employment to contribute to our household.
I prepare our meals to sustain our dietary needs.
I perform the duties of maintaining the cleanliness of our home.
I nurture our child with all I have to give as a mother.
I satisfy your physical needs with all I have to give as a wife.

I do this all for the love and sake of our family.

Why do you need to compare me to Michelle Obama?
Why do you need to compare me to Coretta Scott King?

They are exceptional women. They are who they are because they follow no other.

Look at me for who I am and what I do.

I am no Super Woman, I am not Every Woman, I am me.


  1. Oh My dear, but you are Super woman! you are very much like Corretta and Michelle. Your truth shines through. Good women, strong women are linked by the same thread...commtiment, courage and love.

    Sometimes, most times the world does not recognize our efforts, our selfless-ness, our greatness. Sometimes those we love the most do not recognize it or even compliment us for the love we give. The love that says, I will clean the house, I will raise the child, I will cook the meals and I will lay with you lovingly.

    Do not sell yorself short because you are feeling not appreciated. You are amazing and any Man that does not recognize that is a fool.

    And fools can be re-educated and improved!

  2. That's right! Take yourself off the hook!
    The truth is, all that you listed is a whole lot to maintain everyday and that's no easy task.

  3. torrance
    don't miss the forest because you're looking at the trees

    so I have to add teacher to the list? lol

    lisa c
    and that's not the full list

  4. why are people comparing you... as long as you are taking care of home missy you are a super woman... and dont let anyone else tell you different

  5. There can only be one you, do it like its never been done, not like Michelle or Coretta would do it. That was there road, you blaze your own trails.

  6. eb the celeb
    girl, it has been one of those weeks

    Richly put, pun intended

  7. I love this post. Keep doing what you are doing!


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