Sunday, September 14, 2008

would have been 77

As I unpacked yesterday in a urge to finally clear out boxes in my office. I opened a box of old books. I did not peruse them to see who they belonged to, but assumed they belonged to hubby since they were biblical study in nature.

After arriving from work, hubby looked at a few and said they were not his.

Puzzled, I opened one, Matthew Henry's COMMENTARY ON THE WHOLE BIBLE VOL. VI., and immediately saw my father's name and the address of his aunt's house. It is where he lived before he purchased the home for my mom a few months before they were married. This book was over 45 years old. The other addresses were my parents' first home and the address were I was raised.

Oddly, there was no copyright. I was able to find out that the original text was published in 1706. I am now intrigued. I have sent a message to the publising house. Hopefully someone will call me back.

Some of the other texts I found of his are ...
Bible Readings for the Home, 1949
James Moffatt, The Bible, A New Translation, several copyrights up to 1954
The Lost Books of the Bible, 1926

Now there were a few books that should belong to one of my brothers. I doubt they were apart of my father's collection and all of my old books and school texts have not been unpacked yet.

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings, PART ONE and PART TWO
Stephen Demko, Primer for Linear Algebra

Ironic or coincidental, books that will provide another perspective into my father's life, are found on his would have been 77th birthday.

Happy Birthday Dad!


  1. It's always interesting finding old texts and what not. I remember finding really old newspapers when we cleaned my grandmothers house after her death. I saw an ad for a new house that went for $14K.
    Unbelievable the way inflation has risen over the years.

  2. You might want to type the name of the text online. A lot of booksellers would be able to date and price it.

  3. rich
    found some booklets offered 35 cents per copy or 3 for $1.


    torrance stephens
    wished you could have met him

    mista jaycee
    thanks, i'll try

  4. motorcycle fairings
    thanks, i'm glad I have them


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