Sunday, September 7, 2008

my first, First Friday

In promotion of downtown Macon, every first Friday of the month, one can stroll the streets visiting many forms of music, art, and entertainment. A family friend, owner of Patcessories and Personables, a clothing and home accessories store, promotes a variety of entertainment each month. She also provides refreshments to those who stop by. Not only does she promotes her store but allows promotions of others.

This past Friday, the owner and two students from the Hayiya Dance Theatre performed West African dance on the CONCRETE sidewalk just outside of my friend's shop. The young lady is in the 8th grade and has been at the studio for at least 3 years and the young man is in the 9th grade. I am not sure how long he has been at the studio. The owner and instructor is in the background.

Next month, I plan to visit the multi-floor art gallery nearby. It is amazing what you do AFTER you move away from a city.


  1. That was way cool!
    Arts and artistic expression is what keeps us civilized and connected to our humanity.

    Get yourself to that gallery! (smile)

  2. the girl across the waySeptember 8, 2008 at 9:24 PM

    AWESOME!!! I want to do it too!!!!

  3. lovebabz
    not sure if i'll make it to the gallery next time, heard the same group is coming back, but will give "lessons" on the sidewalk. should be interesting

    the girl across the way
    come on out next First Friday, you will get your chance

    you may go boooo if I video me out there next time

    they really are, wished more of them could have been there. many were ill.

  4. motorcycle fairings
    the bigger group was also great the next month;
    never did post the video, forgot


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