Wednesday, September 10, 2008

have you wanted to...#1

When driving to work this morning, just after dropping off my son at school. Two vehicles zipped by me at tremendous high speeds. They did not slow down through the school zone.

For a few seconds, I had the urge to cause them to fatally crash and hope the drivers had not already contaminated the gene pool with their seed.

Don't want any more of them around.

Have you wanted to do something like that?


  1. the girl across the waySeptember 10, 2008 at 1:04 PM

    Oh man! Whenever I drive anywhere someone experiences "my rage"! I was cut off yesterday in Atlanta. Luckily this was after I left the doctor's office and not before I got there because my blood pressure was probably sky high after that!

  2. Yes! Like when people get on my tail on the highway I suddenly STOP! and nearly cause an accident. They usually get over into the next lane and eye ball me like "That Chick is insane". LOL!

  3. the girl across the way
    i understand. for my "long ago" prenatal checkups, near the end, my pressure was higher each week. the checkups were on friday evenings at 5pm. i had to drive 45 minutes from work to the dr's office.

    too bad, legally we can't do it

    b-more bap
    welcome. LOL and who is really insane for driving to close

    torrance stephens
    YES, in YOUR dreams...

  4. that has happened to me, but i said they gone crash or he gone crash and they did and flipped over

  5. Yeah, i have wished that the cops will get them, and then dream of driving by laughing and pointing. What's the rush?

  6. Most definitely. Too many times I wish I had a siren in my car so I could scare the mess out of them.

  7. torrance stephens
    guess we have to be careful of what we speak

    me too

    lol, you could probably find one in a surplus store

  8. motorcycle fairings
    but we can't actually do it


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