Friday, September 19, 2008

seatbelts? mobile phone? what about pets?

You can get a traffic ticket by not wearing a seat belt. If you don't care to save your own life, by wearing a seat belt you have a better chance of not losing control of your vehicle in an accident. You at least have a chance to save another one's life.

You can get a traffic ticket by not securing young children in a safety seat or seat belt. If you do not care they they may become a projectile, others do.
From Blog Pics

You can get a traffic ticket if you cause an accident and it was discovered you were using a mobile phone at the time.

So if I am wrong for holding a phone to my ear with my shoulder, while maneuvering a coffee mug in my lap, at the same time shifting gears as I drive along I-75 at 80 mph without wearing a seat belt and having 4 children bouncing around unsecured in the backseat, WHY HAVEN'T I HEARD ANYTHING ABOUT PET OWNERS DRIVING WITH THEIR PET IN THEIR ARMS?

No matter how trained they are, dogs, cats, snakes, whatever, have their own minds. At any given moment, they can obstruct view, injure driver, leap onto steering wheel, or gear shift. Any number of mishaps can occur.

Don't they make travel cages and harnesses for use in vehicles?

I am not against pests, I mean pets.
I do not have any, my hubby and son are enough to handle.
It is just that if you take on the responsibility of mastering an animal, you should properly take care of it and do your best to protect it.

If you do not know what to do, Google It, call the pound, go to A Store for Dogs. Do something. Learn something.

Am I off base here?


  1. You have a real writing talent! And a knack for marketing...go little marketing/pr Maven!

    Yes of course we must keep our pets safe...LOL!

  2. i think out here (cali) they've actually passed a law that says you can't have your pet in your lap. i think they may have also said something about a Pet-seat belt, but i'm not sure. but it makes perfect sense. they are the illest projectile...who wants fangs & nails, and a puffy pooch coming atcha?

  3. lovebabz
    i'll leave the marketing pr to you

    the prisoner's wife

    torrance stephens
    got any pet seat belts?

  4. hey i own a dog....dont start no stuff

  5. Kin'shar
    just hope more folks would take care of their pets


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