Wednesday, September 3, 2008

palin's rant: gotta get this off my chest now!

I am starting this post now before Palin completes her speech. I have avoided political posts, but I have to get this out tonight as I suspect this will cause me sleep loss if I don't.

How does Palin get the nerve to exploit her baby's syndrome as a means to get votes? ... to parents of special needs children... you have an advocate in the White House... What a load of crock?

If she is so for Special Needs children, why is she tramping off on the campaign trail and leaving her 4-5 month old special needs child in care of others. Her youngest daughter was shown using her own SPIT to smooth out the baby's hair on international television. Maybe she is going to drag these kids around with her forfeiting them a stable daily environment.

How dare she parade her family to the world when her daughter is going to need tremendous help and support in the near future. Her time is going to be limited, therefore, she will be mostly unavailable. Maybe she has been promised taxpayers will take care of her kids.

And her jokes are lame.

I can't believe I stayed up for this, but after watching most of the DNC, I wanted to base my opinion of the GOP by watching the RNC instead of reading others commentary.

Thank goodness it is over...GOOD NIGHT!!

Can't sleep yet.

At a time when many families wished their loved ones hadn't returned from the war in bodybags or pineboxes, she had the audacity to parade her son's deployment and nephew's tour. Again, a ploy for more votes at the sacrifice of own children.

Another thing, WTH have the boy who knocked up your child paraded along with the rest of your "family"? If he was so important, why did she not introduce him? She just skipped over him as if he did not exist. She could have introduced him as a future son-in-law. I noticed her daughter made a conscious effort to keep holding his hand.
We will see how long this farse will last.

Maybe if she hadn't went on her, "I love McCain" rant, followed by her lame attempts to discredit Obama and Biden, and then ticking me off in her "here is my average family" monologue, I would have had the focus to listen to the issues portion of her speech instead of starting this post. Maybe her speech writer thought she would appeal to mothers, but NOT this one.

I try to go to sleep now...


  1. Sister you are good. I just couldn't watch. I will catch the remix tomorrow!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one... I watched the RNC for the same reason you did, chickie.

    And I came away feeling the same way... LOL!

  3. I don't like all...FAKE wannabee...that's my take and i'm sticking to it...who the hell is she... and how the hell can she be so abusive to my President of choice, whatever...she is way out of her league, wannabee! I'm out!

  4. lovebabz
    thanks, just needed to vent

    the bear maiden
    many mothers may feel the same way

    So, what do you really feel about Palin?


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