Sunday, June 15, 2008

now i know

Man of the house. Head of household. Father. Husband. Teacher. Leader. There are so many titles applicable to you. Your family was your life. Went to work each day, returned home each evening and there you stayed.

Taught me strength, courage, dedication. Taught me how to roof a house, mix concrete, lay bricks, change oil, change a tire and play horseshoe.

Represented the finest qualities to seek in a man. Represented the finest qualities of a man of God. At times you were not a man of many words, your actions spoke your meaning.

In your final hours, the last words I heard you spoke, you said to me, “you will find your answer”, I did not understand its meaning. Now I do. When you put your faith into the Lord, realize what truly matters is what is inside, then you are truly blessed. Jobs, houses, cars, worldly possessions are immaterial in the light of the Lord.

It took the loss of those items for me to focus my attention in the right direction. I possess those items again, but with a different perspective. There is no sense of “mine”. They just exist today and can easily be gone tomorrow. What matters is what is inside of me. My thoughts and actions represent who I am, what I am. A child of God.

At times I am saddened that you did not live to see me as I am now. Then I remember I know you are aware because of your presence in my dreams.

I thank you daddy for living your life as you had. I thank you for giving a daughter everything she needed in a father.

May your soul rest in peace.


  1. the girl across the wayJune 15, 2008 at 5:55 PM

    Wonderful post to your dad!

  2. beautiful tribute.

    i hope you guys enjoyed your day!

  3. greate tribute, shoulda said im with TPW

    thanks for honoring folks like me

  4. Sister,

    What a blessing to have had a man in your life like that!

    Email me and I will email, we can chat about your CT roots!

  5. Beautiful lady, love the testament to a great love between father and daughter!

  6. oh what a beautiful testament i get all choked up at the very thought of not having my father for one single day in my life but i instead enjoy each and every moment i have with him and cherish all of his love.

  7. @the girl...
    Thanks and glad to see you again. Missed ya, girl!

    Thanks you. We stayed near the house, unpacked and rearranged a few things.

    You're welcome

    SistaCuz, great talking to you. I did not realize how great he was until after he passed.

    Went through a lot of tissues on this one.

    @aunt jackie
    Every second is so precious.


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