Wednesday, April 1, 2009

He died at April Fool's joke

At midnight, it happened. Awakened by a sound like a squirrel rambling through an aluminum bag of nuts at a picnic, I was startled to a sitting position. "Where was that sound coming from? The TV? Why are the Northern Lights in the center of the screen? This can't be good."
Slowly, approaching it's right side, the crackling intensified. It's coming from the back. "Is it the DVD playrer or the VCR stacked on top? No, it's lower." Power off NOW! Investigating the other side, the undeniable scent of a burning electrical component solidified the conclusion. Picture tube was gone.

So now Mr. TV, Rest In Peace. You had a long run since the early 90's. Sorry you had to take your leave today of all days, but chance is like that. But just in case for some reason you've obtained an internal calendar, I'll try you tomorrow.


  1. Lucky you! Now you get to buy a new one. They only come in sizes humongous and larger nowadays.

  2. Aw - may the boob tube rest in peace :)

    I recommend three days of fasting from all tv watching as a respectful memorial, then, just like when your favorite pet dies, go and get a new little puppy - life goes on (smile)

  3. It was time. Sorry! You needed a digital anyway.

  4. Good morning Sista GP,

    I guess your TV said, "I will not go quietly into the night"


  5. Tracy - anointd2srvApril 1, 2009 at 11:35 AM

    Aww, well it was a good run, now onto bigger and better. Have fun with shopping for a new TV!

  6. The TV done gone that like Gone With The Wind or that dang gone TV? Talk about it ...its good for the soul ....well, your souls might need repairing after looking for another NICE NEW ONE.

  7. tacosteven
    Lucky? Humongous sizes relates to humongous prices

    Marvin D. Wilson
    No fasting here. Within two hours of getting home, Hubby discarded it, brought in son's TV to our room (it had been unplugged for months), and reprogrammed it for our satellite receiver. He mourned the 15 minutes he had to wait from the time he got home to until I got out of bed.

    Mista Jaycee
    Me? Hubby has been waiting for an opportunity (excuse) to get a 50in plasma

    Yes, especially when we purchase the next one

    underOvr (aka The U)
    morning and LOL

    Tracy - anointd2srv
    Oh so much fun. I'll turn the research into a science project

    Right now, it's Gone To The Garage. I need to find out how to dispose of it, "Green-ly".

    Thanks, but wish I could. Hubby is not pleased to drop from a 26in to 19in TV in bedroom.


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