Thursday, April 30, 2009

Goal: Afternoon evoked backache

As the one month anniversary since the death of Mr. TV approaches, Hubby and I are making preparations for a new TV in the household. Being that the new one will be located above the fireplace in the family room and the current TV in family room will be moved to the master bedroom, the question arises, 'What to do with current entertainment unit (similar to this)?.

Being the creative design genius that I am (you are supposed to be laughing here), I proposed the idea of eliminating the center section pulling both end pieces together forming a single curio type unit on an opposite side of the room. This removes the unit as the main focal point and allows full usage of storage space for the insane number of CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes that were housed in this monstrosity.
I remove them last evening to lighten the load of the furniture shuffle that is to take place this evening.

One may think that the task of packing media would not cause a backache, but I have yet to mention my previous task of the afternoon, that only a stubborn person who refuses to take on new tasks until prior ones are completed would do prior to the arrival of much needed assistance just because this person feels there are too many outstanding incomplete tasks already existing in the household.

Earlier in the week, this (meaning ME) stubborn person's husband, under supervision, trenched a path away from house foundation where known groundwater expels. The plan was to create a french drain or dry stream to direct the water away from foundation. With expected precipitation later this week, this stubborn person (Me again) decided to spread the landscape lining and fill the creviced clay soil with gravel without assistance since the "other person" felt the walls of the trench should not collapse under rain conditions.

Here are some before and after pics:

What makes this worse is that those heavy entertainment unit section will have to be moved this evening. Delivery in the morning...


  1. Me? I am not the one who's pressuring to get the larger TV.

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