Saturday, February 13, 2010

American Shingle (roofing): Questionable Practices, BEWARE

Recently I received a call from someone stating she referred me to American Shingle.  According to her, a representative of the company had just visited her and she signed up to have them inspect her roof for possible damage resulting from a hail/wind storm that supposedly occurred in our area on April 10, 2009.  If there was damage, they would work with her insurance company and then make any necessary repairs.  Their lure is coupons for free Papa John's Pizza and $50 referral fee for each referee who gets their roof installed.

Later, I was contacted by this representative and eventually an appointment was scheduled for this past Wednesday.  I had let him do his rehearsed sales pitch as I waited to burst his hopes of a sale.  After I could hold back no longer, I informed him of the work we had just done to repair our roof that's a leaked ever since we've moved in our home almost two years ago and had planned to express our resistance to anyone tampering with what we just had done to our roof.  I got as far as the two 'dead valley' design we have and he had NO idea what I was talking about.  I had to explain it to HIM.  BAD.  He later said that he heard about it before but it was called something else...YEAH RIGHT!.   I also explained we must have guarantee that whatever was done would be replaced.
During the recent repairs, we had a ice/water shields installed with steel flashing.  One document he showed me stated they use aluminum flashing.  He said they give a 10-year warranty that's UNHEARD in this industry.  Another bubble burst for him, I stated I was given a 10-year warranty on my roof repairs.

He should have stopped, but he kept pushing.  His way out was to state, 'Let's not put the cart before the horse.' and wanted me to just find out first if there was damage.  I agreed.  We moved forward with contacting my insurance company to start the claim.  He seemed pleased.  At the moment he wanted a signature from me, his pleasure ceased.  I told him that I needed to consult with my husband because we both had concerns who would perform any work on our roof based on all we've had to deal with roofers lately.

He said he thought my husband would be there...he never asked prior... I was able to get him to leave the package of paperwork for review.  I also told him that I needed to do my research of his company.  I had wanted to do it prior to the appointment but not had the time.  He made two major mistakes in response to my needs
  • He insinuated the reason I needed to discuss with my husband was that I was AFRAID to sign without consulting him.  That is not the right thing to say to SISTA GP.  Of course I had to inform him that my husband regularly trusts my judgment.  In this situation where we've both had concerns of roofers, so I had to discuss this with him.
  • He tried to justify  how unnecessary my research would be.  He claimed they had "partnered" with Papa John's Pizza, pointing to coupons for free pizza he was leaving me.  Asked, Do you think that Papa John's Pizza would have partnered with them without checking them out? and stated Papa John's Pizza research department is large. 
Insulting me in that I could not make a decision without my husband and insulting me that my research would be nothing compared to Papa John's Pizza...clearly he had never run across someone like me before...especially someone who likes to 'Google It' and likes to regularly visit Better Business Bureau.

I wonder when he left did he realize he had no sale from me, hmmm.

My Inadequate Research Compared To Papa John's Pizza Legal Department
  • Google-ing found complaints on their advertising practices
  • The BBB report for my area rated them as A-, Birmingham AL (C+), Douglasville GA (C-)
  • The BBB ratings should not be taken solely on their own.  The original roofer for my house is stated as an Accredited Business with the BBB.
  • The most damaging information was in their contract. 
Contract stipulations
  1. They would have exclusive rights to work with my insurance company to NEGOTIATE the funds needed for repairs
  2. They would have exclusive right to do the repairs as payment for their HELP in obtaining insurance approval
  3. They would get paid for the total cost of repairs INCLUDING ANY SUPPLEMENTAL FUNDS FROM THE INSURANCE COMPANY.  ALL insurance checks must be ENDORSED  and made payable to them BEFORE ANY SCHEDULING or WORK WILL BE PERFORMED.
  4. They would be retained as by EXCLUSIVE roofing company UNTIL the roof is replaced and insurance company has released ANY DEPRECIATION and SUPPLEMENTAL funds to them.
It's disturbing how a company would place these restrictions on homeowners..  I thought the normal process would be to offer proposal, get a signed scope of work, do the work, then get paid. 

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