Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tonight on RAW DAWG BUFFALO RADIO #BlogTalkRadio

'Parenting in 2010' 11PM EST on Raw Dawg Buffalo Radio #BlogTalkRadio - (call-in anytime during show # 347-324-5722)
I expect it to be a "lively" show.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ah, come on ladies, let the dog chase the cat!

Something has been lost over the years. It seems men are not chasing women anymore. I wondered why? As I pondered, my thoughts focused on mating rituals seen on Animal Planet and The Discovery Channel. The female is shown to control the mating process. One of more males vie for her attention and selection of mate even to the point of physical altercation. Even when the mate is selected, she still takes her time before allowing the mating process to begin. It seems this behavior has been lost in the human species. The female human mates without thoroughly researching for a male nor does the female human select the dominant male, she selects even the weakest, one that cannot provide security for her and her offspring. The female human doesn't take the adequate amount of time to select a proper mate, but select one showing basic interest in her. The human female must realize that by her methods, she's contributing to the weakening of the human male. The human male needs the confrontation, the fight to show his strength, to become stronger and better capable of providing for his mate and their offspring. The human female needs this understanding in order to prevent the extinction of the strong, proud, human males. So ladies, let's keep our men strong. Let them work hard for us. Don't make it easy or them by being a wife before you are, by providing him offspring before he proves he can provide for you AND them, and allowing them to live off you without any effort to do so on their own.

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