Thursday, November 18, 2010

Birds Of A Feather

It amazing how naturally we gather around those alike us.  I don't believe it's intentional, it just happens.  I sit now in my son's school gymanasium awaiting tonight's PTO 4th grade program.  Arrived early for best selection of seating, I sit terminating the fourth row.  When selected I was the only one of distinctive shade of brown. 
Moments later, a brown-shaded couple occupied the pair of cold metal seats in front on me.  Their selection was not immediately noticed while I perused Tweets.
Distracted by a three-some group excused themselves as they crossed my path to select seating on my row, it was then the flocks began to appear.
My area was not the only grouping in this section, earlier I had noticed a couple in another mostly vacant section as I was originally.  They are now joined by other groups of brown_shaded complexions. 
I don't have the demographics of the fourth grade student population and their families, but wouldn't be surprised if tonight's attendence corresponded.

Program is starting......


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