Saturday, August 8, 2009

1st Time Around

The first part of my vacation was to have a relaxing fun time at my maternal grandmother's family reunion. It had to be better than two years ago when our chartered bus broke down TWICE on our way from Savannah GA to Austin TX. The first time was near 4 AM Friday morning somewhere in Mississippi. We all knew a higher power was watching over us because this breakdown began just before the exit for the Rest Area. The driver was able to make it to a decent parking area before the engine stopped. We had rest rooms, vending machines, and several benches in a well lit area. Also during this 20+ hour trip the A/C condensation ONLY dripped over the seats occupied by son and I. Because of the number of travelers, many were able to occupy double seats.
Needless to say, but I will, it was an extremely uncomfortable ride and not the best sleeping arrangements. I was one of the few who were awake and to notice the A/C was not blowing. It got warm quickly in the mid-July heat. After several hours and a patched repair job we were on our way. I was able to get a little sleep once we were on our way, after about an hour, family began to converse around 7 AM.

We were blessed during the second breakdown that Saturday. We were using the chartered bus for the tour of the city. While traveling down a winding, steep slope the bus stopped again directly across the street from a BBQ restaurant, the only level spot we had encountered. While exiting the bus and going to restaurant's parking lot, we saw antifreeze flowing to the embankment. Most of the family ate there, but as our food arrived, hubby, son and I, we had our meal packed since we were told we would be the first group to be shuttled back to the hotel so Hubby could help shuffle family using a cousin's SUV. Didn't work out that way. In the first group, there was only room for Hubby. Son and I stayed and I was in no mood to unpack our meals and eat cold food. We stayed outside as others joined us after they finished their meals.

When Hubby and the other drivers returned, I waited until all the older members had transportation. There was no room for son and I. On the next trip, hours after the first, Hubby made room for us. After traffic delays caused by Lady Bird Johnson's funeral services, we made it back to the hotel and was told another chartered bus was at the restaurant to bring those who were left. Once all was settled, we ate our meals in our room and took naps. By the time we woke and prepared for the banquet that night, the banquet was over.

Sunday's events did not go well either for us. Since many arrived in town via air transportation, many did not have means to travel to the picnic at a park not near the hotel. By the time we packed our bags, checked out of the hotel, the bus was fully loaded. There was no space for all our luggage. Like in all family there are some who can cause you to lose your cool. Since Hubby was an over-the-road driver at the time and had driven the truck there, I took the hotel's luggage cart over to his truck and loaded them there.

When we, son and I, arrived back to the bus, the only seats available were the two front seats held by the drivers of the original bus. We sat there and was hearing flack from a family member that the "DRIVERS" needed to sit there. I was getting so ticked off that I said (to myself) that the next person to say anything about us sitting there, I was going to exit the bus and go get in Hubby's truck, forget the rules that he did not have permission for any riders in the truck. It was that or say something that Grandma shouldn't here. Luckily all was quiet.

I can't recall what it was but another short-straw event happened again at the park. This time it was all I could take. I took a walk alone around the park to get myself together. By the time I rounded the area and arrived near the bus, my mom and one of her sisters met me wondering what was the problem. I told them all that had happened. In an effort to appease me, they encouraged me to select seats for the ride home. The rest of the picnic "seemed" like the horrible luck had ended.

When we left on the bus, Hubby left out too for his next route assignment. Sometime that night, somewhere in Louisiana, we met up with another bus that was to take us back to Savannah. It was a little smaller than the others, so seats were limited. I chose seats almost exactly where we were on the first bus.

All was well until we got on a not-so-smooth roadway. The window next to our seats began to pop open on one end when we hit the hardest bumps. GREAT!!! Being undone, I said nothing until we arrived back in Savannah. I told the driver, who immediately checked the window. One or two of the security clips were broken and only one clip was left holding the window closed. He thanked me for informing him and said he would get it repaired.

This was in July 2007. I was glad the next reunion was voted to be in Savannah in 2009. No bus ride necessary, but it did not go as planned also. Next post.


  1. Not fun. I am already wondering what the next one will hold in your next post.

  2. Wow, well one thing in 2009 you didn't have deal with the broken down buses.

    Very fun blog. I will be back.

  3. lol....hey hun where you are you?

  4. WOW and just to think I wanted to take a bus ride around the nation... I don't think so, but glad you were able to spend time with family. Last weekend I attended our family reunion and we had a blast... no bus ride, though.

  5. thegirlacrossthewayAugust 11, 2009 at 9:30 AM

    Since you have two years in between reunions, I would start putting money aside for gas and drive behind the bus. That way you have your own transportation and you don't have to deal with other people's *ish.

  6. MilesPerHour: it was not fun...just posted Part 1 of this reunion

    Gypsy: Welcome. So true. come back anytime

    Oyin: hey sis, it as been crazy. I'll try to explain in next posts

    maxxgrl: if you charter a bus around the nation. don't choose the LOWEST bid. LOL

    thegirlacrosstheway: I'd rather fly and wait for them. If I follow the bus, folks might want to hitch a ride. LOL


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