Sunday, June 19, 2011

GPS: Globally Provoking Stupidity

There comes a time when we must realize we can't replace thinking with technology. Being in the Information Technology industry, I'm well aware of its benefits, but I'm also aware of its hindrances.
Not so long ago an expected visitor requested my address for use in their navigation system.  Thankfully, not being in any online mapping system, I alternatively began to provide driving directions. 
Take note that the driver was in the Atlanta, GA area and I live in the Central GA area.   I began with..."From 75..", but was interrupted with an unnerving reply..."75 what?"
Responding with "South", I continued with the rest of the directions in hopes of not exposing my shock and sadness of what had just conspired.
I know I use my phone's navigation app especially when travelling, but this is mostly after I've previously planned my route.  I've even used it when in unfamiliar areas, but to totally rely on a navigation system is not intelligent and totally irresponsible for any driver. 
What happened to the skills of reading maps?  Knowing the general layout of the interstate highway system? Ability to read navigational signs? Knowing locations of cities, North, South, East,  West, from where you live.

Technology can be useful, like this blog post.  I'm using an Android Blogger app on my phone for this post.  It's a convenience alternatively from booting up my PC at the other side of my house.
My actions and thoughts are basically the same.

Folks, when you go about your daily tasks, remember you have a brain, use it or you might just lose it.

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