Wednesday, August 20, 2008

God's Little Cherub

A friend gave me permission to post this. Her daughter was in a critical auto accident a few years ago. Her survival that day and her recovery since has been a miracle blessing. Now her daughter has had another...

God's Little Cherub

***** I have witnessed another one of GOD’s miracles *****

You know the story about my daughter (Daughter1) injuries when she had the accident. All of her internal organs shut down. Last year in August she had a miscarriage. She was pregnant again in November. Her OB/GYN told her that her body rejects the shot and she can not take birth control pills.

Daughter1 arrived at the hospital on Wednesday morning around 10:00am. She was still one centimeter. The doctor gave her “something” to soften her uterus at 1:00pm. Still one cm. The nurse assured me that she will NOT have the baby until Friday morning or around noon. Still one cm, I got ready to leave at 11:00pm and was planning to come back by 6:00am. When I got up to leave, her water broke so I stayed. One hour after her water broke, she had dilated from 1cm to 4cm. It’s about 12:05 or so. She was hurting so bad, she asked for an epidural. Around 1:40 she dilated 8cm. Around 2:00 she had dialed 10cm. The baby would not come out. Every time she lay on her left side, his heart rate would drop. When she pushed, his heart rate would drop. Her nurse say there is a chance the cord was wrapped around his neck. At this point the doctors begin to prepare for a Cesarean. 10 minutes later, the baby acted liked he wanted to come out again. She pushed but his heart rate dropped so low the doctor stop. He went to prepare for the Cesarean again. The doctor told her to lay on her right side and do not push.

Daughter1 and I was the only two in the room. She looked up and said someone just sat on the bed with her. I said…..well, maybe it’s my mom. So she begins to relax. About 10 minutes later, she said someone is sitting on the bed and is rocking. I said Daughter1; it has to be GOD or maybe my mom and dad. After she laid there for 30 minutes, I went to get the nurse. I had a feeling that she should not just be laying there and his head was at the opening ready to come out. The nurse checked her and told her the baby had to come out now. She called for the respiratory specialists. At this point everything was critical. 10 respiratory specialists were in the room in less then 3 minutes. It was like they were waiting at the door. There were 16 people in the room which included Me, Daughter1 and Daughter2. As she being to push his heart rate begin to drop and I called on the name of Jesus and asked him to please come in the room with us. When Grandbaby3 came out, the cord was wrapped around his neck and a knot was in the cord. He was not breathing.

The specialists begin to work with him tying to get him to breathe. Everybody else was silent except the ones working with him. My daughters did not know that he was not breathing but I did. All I could say was Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Lord have mercy. One of the respiratory specialists kept hitting him in the lower part of this back and another one were clearing and cleaning him at the same time. The head nurse is a friend of mine and she kept looking at me as if she was worried. Grandbaby3 made a weak sound and I shouted and said breathe baby breathe. Scream baby scream. They kept working with him and he began to cry. Thank you Jesus.

The head nurse told me she had to give Grandbaby3 two breaths. I explained to Daughter1 and Daughter2 what I was told and what was going on. I told them Jesus was there and his angels were there with the baby. Daughter1 has not gotten much sleep. I stayed with her 4 days last week to help with the baby. He is a good baby. I keep telling Daughter1 that GOD did NOT bring her this far to leave her.

Just as the Lord is on her side, everything will be alright. Please hug yourself for me because you would have to have been there to feel the presence of Jesus.

I thank my GOD at ALL time for HIS mercy and HIS present in our lives.


  1. Thank you for sharing this lovely story.

    God is indeed GRAND!

  2. aww, i'm glad everything worked out. i remember back to when my son was born...i was so scared as to what would happen. labor came, i dialtated, and then stopped. had to have a c-section & i was just waiting to hear him cry, so i would know things were ok. i'm glad your friend's daughter & child are doing well.


  3. All, this story touched my heart especially being aware of what the mother has gone through. I am thankful my friend gave me permission to share her family's story.


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