Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And then there were 3 (post #100)

It's coincidental that the topic of my 100th post relates to one written almost 50 posts ago, the arrival of my niece for temporary residence into our home.

Although, not all goals were achieved, there were many accomplishments in areas of personal growth and confidence, diet and exercise, and chore routines. We desired more effectiveness in her academics, but it is difficult or just mere impossible to help someone that rarely allows you to assist. Perhaps with more time and different academic environment, the results would have been different. As a slight consolation we had to remember, not all could have been expected in a mere seven months.

Last Friday was the last day of her school term and she moved back home. We pray that any positive experiences she had in our home, she will remember and incorporate them in her journey to be a successful young woman.

To my surprise, my son has not expressed much sadness for her departure, being that she was like a sibling to him. He had grown more than I thought.

We miss you already, De-De.

Aunt Ne-Ne


  1. Good morning Sista GP,

    The stability, encouragement and love your family provided during the school year will no doubt serve as a memorable moment in her life. I believe this is always a life-changing experience.

    Her growth and maturity will be a testimony of the gratitude she has for your family's influence and support.


  2. underOvr (aka The U)
    I hope so, but it is still a work in progress. When I arrived this morning to take her to Summer Camp, I had to send her back to put on a belt. No sagging/low riding pants allowed while in my supervision.


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