Monday, June 1, 2009

Journal #1

Journal Entry 1 (draft)
Journal, I need to tell you what happened starting last night. I have to tell someone or I’ll just lose my mind. Well you know how I walk around talking to myself. So last night I was doing it again and complaining about how it was Friday night and all my girlfriends were out with their men and I was home alone, AGAIN, craving masculine companionship. Now I know my laments were exasperated by the second glass of White Merlot I was sipping, but it was true. I know I can’t compete with models but I’m well kept, I exercise, eat right, and dress decent too. So, why I don’t have man? Well other than being extremely selective in mates, highly opinionated and routine-oriented, I was thinking what was wrong with me, you know.

In order to better my mood, I was wearing my favorite white satin lace-trimmed nightie. You know the one I got from VS to match my finished bedroom. You should know what happened next, as I was pacing the room I began to admire it again. Not trying to be boastful, but I did an excellent job. My master suite is perfect, just like it’s inspiration in that décor magazine. Once I saw it, you know I had to have it. I’d been searching for months for the right look.

There was plenty of room to work with being 23 ft by 15 ft. There’s enough space for the master suite to have six feet of space beyond each antique cherry-stained nightstand adjacent to the matching king-sized 4-poster bed. A burgundy settee flanks one wall in that space as matching Victorian armless chairs flanks the opposing wall. The antique mahogany cedar chest inherited from my great-grandmother accentuates the foot of the bed. You know I had to sit down on the bed and swirl my fingertips along the white Egyptian linens and duvet.

Then he called. The ringing of the nightstand portable phone startled me back to reality. It was Mathias. You know, MrFlirt. I played it cool, as sober as possible, “Hello”.
He started laying on thick, “Hi, Scrumptious, how are you this fine evening?”
Still trying to sound sober, “I’m well Mathias, and you?”
“Glad you asked, Delicious, I’m real sleepy. I’m driving from Florida and too tired to make it home. I was wondering if I could rest tonight at your place and continue my journey tomorrow.”
My first thoughts were NO WAY, not tonight. I’m too buzzed to have a fine man in the house. But then how could I turn away a friend into a dangerous situation. I must have been gone to forget there were several motels at the interstate exit to my home because I said, “Sure, you can, the guest room is available. When will you get here?”
He laughed and said “Soon.”
Trying to stay focused, I asked, “How soon is soon?” He laughed again and then the doorbell rung. I almost screamed.
Calmy, I said “Oh you’re funny. Give me a sec.” And hung up the phone. I ran to my bathroom, checked my hair and face and grabbed the long matching robe to my nightie. I know, I know it wasn’t the best attire to be greeting guests, especially this one but I had no time to change.

Flipping on the porch light, before opening the door, I felt I was in trouble and in for a long night. I could see his gleaming seductive eyes through the arched glass panels in the door.

...okay blog fam, should I continue writing this story? I'm thinking of starting a collection of random fictional journal entries.

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  1. Ohh you should cross post it over at PChats... you post there too!

  2. I very much look forward to reading what happened next. Please continue ...

  3. I'm wondering just how much of this art is inspired by life!

  4. The Mathias I know is 6 ft 5, weights 265 lbs, Defensive End - New York Giants, attended Boston College, NFL EXPERIENCE: 4th Year… really need to continue. LOL

  5. hey sister gp... VERY nice start!! love it! hey, and thanks for stopping by and reminding what's what. ;p

  6. Continue, please,lol, first i was thinking where is the hubby, lol? But, its fiction, right.

  7. yup, you should definitely continue. this is a good start to something promising. keep it going until you can't no more!

  8. Well, of course you should continue. But as another postee mentioned, all writers usually put a little of themselves in their stories.
    see, although we call it fiction, our mind can only produce what we've experience or what our subconscience seeps out. Sooooo, be careful because ol'hubby might start looking at you with the ol'stink eye *lol*.

    Hey, you have to add a little Prince in the background. You know, a little music playing as you open a door or to set the mood of your characters. I can think of a few songs by the Temptations that would spice up the story. Let me stop before someone thinks I am flirting *wink*

  9. Yes. Please continue. Found you through rawdawg, but not before my idols Mizrepresent , and CareyCarey.

  10. Lovebabz: I'll think about it. Not sure it's worthy. Don't know the end yet.

    phallatio: I'm glad

    tacosteven: Ha, ha

    Anonymous: Oh, it was just a name that popped in my head. I looked him up, he's jailbait, LOL

    rawdawgbuffalo: LOL, I thought I did, twitter DM got lost.

    Princess Tinybutt: anytime

    Mizrepresent: VERY much fiction

    the prisoner's wife: I sure will

    CareyCarey: LOL. The settings are partly non-fictional. And the rest, well as the Temps say, 'It was just my imagination...'

    SLC: welcome


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