Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I am what I am...a trucker chic

Part 1: Of course you know, this means war! UPDATED

Part 2:
To be a trucker chic, the make is not all that matters. If it's a truck to be admired, then admire it. I am not a major Ford person, but this one caught my attention. Black with chrome package...NICE! but over 30 Grand/Stacks

This was the one that caused us much grief. Not as bold as the Ford, this Chevy Silverado met our needs. Our first truck was a 1993 Silverado. Pros: Price, Color hides dirt Con: Beige Cloth seats + 7 yr old boy = disaster

For some reason the GMC Sierra calls to me. Our previous ones (1996, 1999) served us well for years. The 1999 BIG DOG is no longer with us, but well remembered.

Son, Speed Racer enthusiast, named the Prelude "Mach 5". Years ago, it was exciting for him to see it being connected to a tow truck. It was cool following it to HI-FI Buys (alarm died). Once he realized that we were leaving it there, he boo-hoo'd all the way home. Glad it was a short trip.

Son's older now, but still having the attachment to the Mach 5, he was given the honors of naming the truck, the Prelude's replacement. So may I introduce you to BONE CRUSHER. Grandma is not trilled about the name but we gave him no naming limitations.

After finally depleting the first tank fill provided by the nice folks at Saturn Of Decatur, last evening was my turn. Yikes! can't wait till after Labor Day!

Although we had several rounds of negotiations, mainly hubby and General Sales Manager with me in the middle, all was well. They were respectful at every stage and were willing to "make the deal". We are greatly pleased.

P.S.: Key to financing negotiations: have a check in hand from one institution is a great bargaining tool when in negotiation with another.


  1. nicki nicki temboJune 30, 2009 at 11:31 AM

    Seems like y'all made the best pick. And would I be wrong for saying that I love "Bone Crusher" as the chosen name?

  2. ...a woman and her toys!

    I want a truck! I WANT A TRUCK!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Bone Crusher! I think that's a great name and fitting!

    I've always wanted a pick-up truck, but the gas is what stops me..lol

  5. I'm sick of my old SUV. I think it's time to make a change to a truck. All of them looked good to me, especially inside.

  6. Glad it worked out for you. For some reason I can't see the pics, but I'll assume it's a great looking trucking.


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