Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Goal Complete: Hair

Hair: transition hair from relaxed to natural

I couldn't take it any longer. I was loving the feel and texture of my natural more and more each day and disliking the feel an texture of my relaxed just as much.

The humidity here has destroyed many time-consuming and costly hairstyles.

So tonight at a visit to a salon to temporarily rid the gray that my son has given me (gray-rate increased rapidly after son was born), as soon as I walked in, I told my stylist to cut it off. I had been transitioning for 27 weeks, yesterday.

Surprisingly to "the me of 6 months ago", I had no hesitation and no regrets.

On the drive home, through thick fog, I had the sunroof open. Woohoo!

Here's some before shots:

It's scary to see how others view your hair from behind.

Doesn't seem much of a loss.

Initial "dry" cut, kinda crazy looking

Final back (still a little wet)

Final front (this forehead runs in dad's family line)

Mom's reaction
You look like your Aunt and Cousin J (dad's side)

Son's reaction (while he giggled)
What happened to your hair? Why did they do that?

In preparation for Hubby's reaction in the morning, I stopped by the Caribbean Restaurant next door to the salon to bring home Oxtails and Red Beans and Rice.

As a styling option, stylist said my hair has a natural curly pattern. If she texturized it, with the gel, I could have a curly fro. Since it's still chemicals, I plan to research other options.



    It is so liberating and freeing! When we are not focused on our hair we can go and do other the world, raise kids, live happy!

  2. I love it, too! And just experiment with it. And play with earrings. It's like getting to know yourself. Congrats!

  3. Yeah!!! Go sis! I'm sure nobody can't tell you nothing.. LOL! =)

  4. Oh yes! I'm loving it! Absolutely gorgeous!

    I say forget about the chemicals. There are plenty of natural oils out there that you can use to keep your hair healthy and looking dope with little to no effort. I always used Nature's Natural Oils (found at the local Diaspora shop) about once a week.

  5. See, you are smart. that plate of food would make any man say "YEAH BABY" that's all you.

    He might even tell you to go back and get some more taken off .....and bring back some more of those Ox tails.

    for real though, if you like it, I love it. Besides, I think it will save time and money ....for more red beans and rice *smile*

  6. Lovebabz: Don't know about saving the world, but I do spend less time on hair in the mornings

    Tayari Jones: I picked a few nickel-free pieces the other day.

    Soulfull: Truthfully, it was like that BEFORE the BIG CHOP, LOL

    Kevin Andre Elliott: Thanks, I'll check that out

    CareyCarey: LOL, he enjoyed the plate, but preferred more oxtails and less red beans and rice


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