Saturday, April 19, 2008

journey, part 2

Now we were both out of work with an infant, mortgage, and two car notes. He was able to find work here and there in his field but it wasn't enough to cover everything and he had to travel.
As expected, assets dwindled and the house was put on the market. Mom offered her home to us so my job search expanded to my home town. Finding no job postings in my field, as expected, I had to find a job a tedious way. I searched the Yellow Pages online for ads that contained web addresses for IT companies in the area. I had found a few that were promising. On a Monday, ten days after sending my cover letter and resume to their HR department, I received a phone call from the president of the company. An interview was set for the Friday of the same week. Knowing I would be in town, a family friend tried to make arrangements for me to get an interview at her job on the same day. It wasn't necessary, I was offered a position before the interview ended. Of course I accepted.

So there I was, employed again, but at less than half of my previous income, and separted from Hubby during the week. Hubby's work ended and he had trouble finding a new one; and there was still the mortgage, car notes, utilities, etc. for the home in the ATL. I commuted weekly until the house was sold 10 months later on a Friday. Hubby started truck driving school the following Tuesday and was gone for three weeks. After completing the course and a few weeks searching transportation companies, he became an official long haul driver, coming home every two or three weekends; another form of separation.

The financial recovery process began to clear the mounds of debt; including payback to family that assisted during that crucial year. It took several years but it was done around the time I started my personal evaluation in 2006.

... jumping back to future...


  1. yeah, recovering from a layoff is tough. Fortunately the housing market was strong in those days.
    Imagine being laid off now with the housing market we are in.

  2. @rich: If my faith was not as strong as it is, I know I would not be closing on a new house in a few weeks. I plan to talk about in part 4 of "journey". I see this home as God's house.


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