Monday, April 7, 2008

rock of my gibraltar

In honor of National Poetry Month

Rock of My Gibraltar
April 4, 2008

you say that you don't know me
it is 'cause i constantly change
i am a deciduous tree
high on a mountain range

through strong winds forever blowing
swaying from side to side
what i feel for you
it is something i can never hide

as solid as your limestone
your foundation is strong
i stand before you
this is where i belong

without your support
i can't do all that i do
deep in your heart
you must know I love you

there are many times
i may seem bizarre
it is who i am
but you are the rock of my gibraltar

@2008 Bernice Burks


  1. i love love poems. this one is very well done. i like how it can work for your husband, and also God. i digs poems with multiple meanings. good job!

  2. tpw: i had my husband in mind when i wrote it. the first line is similar to a statement he said. the second line was my response. the rest was sort of off the top of my head when i actually had a moment to myself.

    torrance: it is more like allowing others to know "me"


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