Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another on my NO CALL and DO NOT REFER lists

What is so wrong with businesses these days? You give a young man an opportunity for a new customer and customer referrals and he blows it. The son of an owner of a janitorial service supposedly had his own carpet cleaning service. Over a larger franchise businesses, we tried to support this young man.
The first appointment was set for 9 AM yesterday. In preparation, I spent Friday night and EARLY Saturday morning in preparations. It had been a long stressful week and interrupting my Sci Fi Friday night routine and an early morning rise was not on the top of my list of weekend activities.
Fifteen minutes prior to appointment time, he called claiming his father lent out the cleaning machine without his prior knowledge. His father had not known he had a cleaning job scheduled.
He asked to reschedule until 4 pm today. I had no issues since it would give me an opportunity to give the house a thorough cleaning. So Saturday was spent polishing, dusting, and vacuuming.

Approaching 4pm, we made final preparations by moving any furnishing that could be moved. At 3:56, he called. Said he JUST got off from work and noticed it was raining and the appointment would have to be postponed again. he was claiming the carpets would not dry until morning. I was so tired and undone, I could not even talk to him. I gave my phone to Hubby. Basically Hubby told him his services will no longer be needed, forever. Now there we were, rooms emptied where carpets needed to be cleaned.
There was no way we could leave everything in its current location until next week or whenever we could schedule another service. This left one option, do it myself. I have my own cleaner for general cleaning, but I had wanted a professional cleaning this one time. So I began, able to complete three rooms before the solution was fully dispensed.
I'll complete the rest sometime this week, maybe one room a night after work. Having a normal full week, I am not looking forward to this but it must be done.

Of course I will not refrain from trying new small businesses. I can not allow disappointment from one to affect another that may provide excellent service. It was so frustrating that this weekend did not go as planned.


  1. At least you had a way to get the job done. How upset would you have been if you did not have personal resources?

  2. It's going to be awkward the next time you see the guy.

  3. Sadly the work ethic of today's young leaves a lot to be desired.

  4. Some folks who are starting out in businesses or have one in place,have their priorities twisted.It's the customer that drives the business,not your personal issues.

  5. msladydeborah
    I don't even want to go there

    Not for me..saw him briefly the day after all of this happened. He said 'Hi' and kept on by... haven't seen him since.

    I'm taking this as a blessing. There could have been more trouble/disappointment if he had come to my house.

    Sadly, it takes bad customer experiences to weed them out. A friend knew what I had planned for the weekend and had asked that Saturday evening how it went. She needed her carpets cleaned also. I won't be recommending him to her.

    To all:
    This week, I saw an employee of a chain carpet cleaning company. He said that it is possible to clean carpets in the rain, it just takes a little more work. Also, for them to do 5 rooms and a hall it would have costs nearly the same as the young man.
    I know who will be my choice next time.


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