Monday, January 4, 2010

Thank You, Blogs Her Color

I am so honored to have 'a southern thang' selected as the Blogs Her Color Daily Color of Choice.  It was started as a means of improving my writing skills, but has developed into so much more.  It has been a haven, a means to communicate with so many great people, and a means to express myself in a manner I'd never done before.

Now, to be honored as the Blogs Her Color Daily Color of Choice, has exceptional timing as I start this new year with a goal to communicate more with family and friends deeper than done before.  The gift of love and fellowship is the best we can give one another and blogging is an excellent means to accomplish this goal along with many others.

As a quick look around, here are some of my favorite or most popular posts.

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shaken and stirred

Welcome members of Blogs Her Color. I'm glad you came to visit.
Sista GP


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