Monday, January 11, 2010

Things happen for a reason...

There are times when you are motivated to accomplish a task you may not realized its timing and importance.  A few weeks ago, before the first wave of wintry weather, we decided to try out the gas fireplace.  We should have expected a problem like the many other first time use of items in our new house.  Immediately after Hubby turned on the LP tank, I heard hissing and smelled an odor from the fireplace area.
After several minutes of trying to locate the problem and Hubby lacerating his finger, a professional was the next recourse.  The first one we scheduled didn't appear on two occasions, so he was forever added to our NO CALL list. 
Through the plumbing company my mother uses, we found a guy who was courteous, punctual, and professional.  Last Thursday, he made the repairs and explained the problem.  He has been added to our DO CALL AND REFER list.
We enjoyed the vent-less fireplace so much we depleted a tank by Saturday night and connected the backup tank yesterday.
This morning, minutes after starting my treadmill workout @ 5:47AM, blackness occurred.  There was the only the steady green flash of my blackberry.  Using the display light I was able to locate my emergency lantern and flashlight.  Since morning temps were in the teens, warmth was next on the agenda.  Thank God the fireplace was ready.  It didn't take long before soft heat filled the main areas of the house.
Not knowing how long the outage would be and having an all electric home, I quickly showered and dressed warmly for work.  Later, checking with the power company, the outage was limited to the two streets of my subdivision.  The power was restored approximately an hour after it was lost.  All seemed well.
Waking son to start his morning later than usual, I was prepared to inform him of the outage and the lateness of the morning. Before I could, he asked, "Is the power back on?".  Apparently, he woke, noticed the outage, and then returned to sleep...  We will have to have a "discussion" on this later.
While he was preparing his cereal...lights out AGAIN... Thankfully this time it was after sunrise and clear skies.  A plenitude of sunlight cascaded through the house and along with the fire, there was light and heat.   We finished preparing for the day by use of lanterns.  Just so you know, grooming my lantern can be scary.  Some things, makeup application, would have to wait until proper illumination.

Prior to leaving home, the power had not returned.  We did see two occupied power company pickup trucks at the end of our street and a large work truck on a nearby corner.  Hopefully all will be well when we return home this evening.

Hmmm, I wonder if this has anything to do with the streets of our community not being identified on any online map or GPS system...



  1. About a month ago I noticed one of our local electric/gas company employees at my neighbors house inspecting his gas line. So I took the opportunity to introduce myself and ask him if he wouldn't mind looking at my gas fireplace. I figured he'd say no, but he actually said yes. He came in and quickly inspected mine (my house is only five years old); and it was necessary, because I've only used it a couple of times. He lit it for me and talked about gas and electricity stuff......I talked about football. He was a rather nice guy and although he's a Raven's fan, I let that go and thanked him for looking at it. I've had my gas fireplace on for the last week.........hell it's cold in South Carolina!!!

  2. Winter here in Pittsburgh comes with the expectation of losing power doing storms.We have candles,flashlights, portable radios standing by when the power goes off.

  3. Reggie,
    We're in cold temps again...can't wait until late April...

    That's why I'm still in GA...
    Hubby (from Cleve. OH) has mentioned moving up north...ain't happening...

  4. lol sista,I moved from Charlotte about 3 years ago and wished I had thought harder about the move.


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