Thursday, February 26, 2009

What makes a life Grand?

I am not one who takes Blog Awards lightly. Each are special in their own unique way. underOvr (aka The U) has bestowed upon me the Life Is Grand Award and I am most grateful.
There are two requirements to this award: specify five ways why your life is grand and pass it on to five other bloggers. I have been led to approach my acceptance differently than I have done in the past.

As my brain cells squirmed with thoughts for this post, I began to take a look at my daily life. I asked myself, "What makes my life Grand?" In a time when I worry about employment stability because it's been less than a year in our home. Body tension erupts resulting from receiving a letter from my child's school informing me he has been suspended for "dishonest behavior". Then saddened that I'm not shocked because I have been dealing with that same behavior at home. My heart aches every time I realize that my niece has failed to receive some basic knowledge she should have had long ago. Failed by parents, relatives, AND educators as we all are responsible. As I dread paying the $300 electricity bill and make financial arrangements for medical expenses for procedures completed months ago, financial woes overcome me. As family and friends confide their woes to me, I've missed opportunities to do something I've planned.

There may be some who may think that a life with these concerns cannot be Grand, but it is because of these concerns my life IS. Monetary wealth is just a means to a way of physical life; just an aspect of this world. There is hope as my child had already confessed his wrongdoings a day before the letter was sent from the school. It is remarkable at the progress in my niece's life physically, emotionally, and academically in the four months she had been living with us. Thankful that this last medical bill arrived JUST AFTER the payoffs were sent for all of the previous outstanding ones. Humbled to know we all can rest comfortably warm during the many frigid nights this winter. It is an honor to know that some have trusted their confidence in me and to know the advice I speak is not my own; it was being delivered through me.

What all this comes to is my faith. My faith to believe life is not "half-empty" or "half-full", but filled to the rim. There are so many blessings in life, the cup "runeth over", all we need to do "seek and they shall be found".

My Life Is Grand, because my life is Blessed.

Here is the part where I am supposed to pass on this award to five other bloggers. Normally, I would review the blogs I follow to locate the ones that most affect me in the manner of the award and then select. In this case I am led to nominate "bloggers" of a different sort. They are the ultimate communicators. The most encouraging of mentors of living a grandious life. They have been the most effective in my life. I nominate:
  • God
  • Lord
  • Father
  • Son
  • Holy Spirit

No explanation necessary.


  1. A Grand Person indeed! Very befitting.

  2. That was on point! I appreciate your outlook on life and receive inspiration from your words. Keep being a blessing.

  3. Sista GP,

    I truely appreciate your honesty and candor. I am thankful that God uses you and others to encourage and inspire me to be a better man than I was. Being honest in my realtionship with God is key for me. I strive for balance in my life (spirit, soul and body) but without Christ my efforts are futile and pointless.

    Thanks for shining the light of God's Grace.


  4. This is a great end of the day post. God is truly blessing you even through your difficult times.

    I hope and pray that in due time and in due season things will have come full cycle for you and your loved ones.

  5. Very spiritual post today. Enjoyed it and appreciated it a lot.


    I know a little something about financial stress :) You have the right attitude. You have all the tools you need to get through...not just surviving but THRIVING!

    Keep the faith!

    PS. We are going to miss Hubby GP for a while as he announced he is moving to another shift :( Tell him we will be there waiting when he comes back around :)


  7. Nice post girlie....and grand it is!!


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