Monday, February 9, 2009

The Ultimate First Aid Collection?

As I try to figure out how to add THE ULTIMATE APOLOGY PLAYLIST to this blog, here is something in the meantime. If you can give any assistance on adding a music player and songs, please let me know.

As the warm weather arrives early this year, says Gen. Beauregard Lee, the southern groundhog forecaster, I must take account of the contents of my first aid collection. Last summer, son received a new bike for his 7th birthday. I had no idea when we (Hubby and I) selected it that it was a stunt bike.
As you can see pictured, he had some difficulty adjusting to it but eventually he figured it out.

Now is the time to prepare and re-stock for the active year. So I ask, what is the ultimate first aid collection for an active 7-year old boy? He was constantly cleaning out my stash.

I have...
gauze tape
bandages (in so many shapes, brands, sizes)
rubbing alcohol
hydrogen peroxide
triple antibiotic ointment
hydrocortisone cream
burn/scrapes/bites,etc. ointment
insect repellent (with SPF 30 sunscreen)
ice packs
heat packs

Any suggestions?


  1. You can take a look at Blogger Add a Music Gadget.

    There are also third-party players you can add. I found this information helpful when I added a player:

    Embedding music/audio from third-party sites
    If you'd like to embed a playlist or functionality from a third-party music service such as or Imeem, Blogger's layouts feature makes it easy.
    1. Visit your Template | Page Elements tab.
    2. Create a new widget by clicking "Add a Page Element."
    3. Choose the "HTML/Javascript" widget.
    4. Enter the HTML code provided by your third-party music service into the content window and click "Save Changes."

    If you can't find the necessary code, you may have to contact your third-party music service. Feel free to position the page element wherever you'd like.

    There are plenty of services to share and embed music available on the web. Here's a list of a few to get you started. Please keep in mind that these services aren't affiliated with Blogger, but we've heard good things about them.
    IODA Promonet
    Project Playlist

    Hope that helps,


  2. I will make sure I have my kit in

  3. I would add M&M's to the first aid kit. Sometimes nothing else will do.

  4. Hhmmm...a flask, shot glasses and tequila

    ...I'm just saying.

  5. That's a good list for a 7 yr old (smile) Ahm, I have a music player on my Hippie Blog. If you go there and click on the gadget it will take you to a page where you can get one. It's VERY easy to load up and get going, free, and a bazillion songs you can select from.

  6. Flintstones chewable morphine! You forgot that! (Smile)

  7. Can't help you with the technology, but for first aid - way back in the day, my southern ancestors used spit and dirt. It worked too!

  8. sounds like u a boy scott to me - where is the knife for snake bites

  9. My music fetish is really easy to use. I have a player posted on several of my cyber-haunts.

    A small bottle of whiskey would be my only suggestion. There are times when a hot toddy is in order for what ails you.

  10. Great info. Just wanted you to know the daddy is still checking you out. Blessings.


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